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The Exchange turns 10 years old in 2020 . . .

. . . and we'll celebrate all year long!

Concert series in Benton, Berwick, Bloomsburg, Catawissa, and Danville -- all year long!

See below for the complete schedule.


Alexis P. Suter Band in Berwick, March 21st


Gallery shows celebrating our history and our region's creativity -- all year long!

See below for the complete schedule.


Plus the Listening Room, ArtFest, and much, much more -- all year long!

10th anniversary events:

Concert series


Locations as noted, all free except as noted (donations gratefully accepted)


1/17 -- Ed Randazzo & Bret Alexander @ A Perfect Blend, 135 West Front St., Berwick

2/29 -- Howard University Gospel Choir @ First Pres. Church, 345 Market St., Bloom

     FREE workshop


3/21 -- Alexis P. Suter Band @ Berwick Theater, 122 East Front St., Berwick

4/1 -- Claude Bourbon @ Catawissa Community Center, 319 Pine St.

5/22 -- BC Combo @ St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Main & Iron Sts., Bloomsburg

6/11 -- Uptown Music Collective @ Jackson Mansion, 344 North Market St., Berwick

7/8 -- Uptown Music Collective @ Bloomsburg Town Park, Market St. at the river

8/4 -- Uptown Music Collective @ Memorial Park, 300 Bloom St., Danville

8/22 -- Tas Cru @ St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 123 Market St., Bloomsburg

     After ArtFest; ticket price TBA -- tickets go on sale in spring 2020

October -- TBA @ Colonel Ricketts Cidery, 4360 Red Rock Rd., Benton

12/4 -- Year-end celebration @ The Study Bar, 22 East Main St., Bloomsburg

Gallery shows


All at the Exchange Gallery, 24 East Main Street, Bloomsburg

    All free to enter work, all free to attend

1/11-2/21 -- Moose Exchange tenants and Stairwell Gallery artists show

2/24-4/3 -- Frank Frazetta and open-call "Fantasy" show

4/6-5/15 -- "Cover of a Cover" throwback open-call show

5/18-6/26 -- "Exchange" with another gallery's members

6/29-8/7 -- "Nest III" throwback open-call show

8/10-9/18 -- "Doppelganger" open-call show

9/21-10/9 -- Moose/Moose Exchange history open-call show

10/10- 11/20 -- "Out of many" immigration/migration show

    with associated lectures and other events

    in Benton, Berwick, Bloomsburg, and Danville

11/23-1/8/21 -- "Cash & Carry VI" open-call show

Other events


For the Listening Room, click here.  For ArtFest, click here.  For other local and regional events, visit ArtOfPA.org.

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