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Inspired by The Exchange's Listening Rooms, the premier of the Coffeehouse Series at Anomaly Craft Brewing, 135 West Front Street, took place on Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, with BRET ALEXANDER performing.


Sponsored by the Berwick Arts Association, with booking and sound by The Exchange, the Coffeehouse Series will feature regional, national, and international musicians in this intimate venue at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of almost every month.

Previously known as A Perfect Blend, Anomaly Brewing has added craft beer to the same great food and same great family.


You won’t find better music!

Max & The Magics, The Exchange, Coffeehouse Series, Berwick Arts Association
Stacia Abernatha & Sean Farley, The Exchange, Coffeehouse Series, Berwick Arts Association
Clarence Spady Band, The Exchange, Coffeehouse Series, Berwick Arts Association

2024 concerts:

January 10th: MAX & THE MAGICS -- video here


-- video here

March 13th: CLARENCE SPADY TRIO -- video here

April 10th: ANN KERSTETTER BAND -- video here

May 8th: DOUG McMINN TRIO -- video here

June 12th: NATE MYERS TRIO -- video here

We take July off -- go to Briggs Farm!

August 14th -- THE PICKUPS

September 11th -- CHARLES HAVIRA

October 9th -- THE WILD HYMNS


Stay tuned for more upcoming concerts.

2023-02-08 OBH_0262 Bret Alexander, Coffeehouse Series Berwick small.JPG
2023-03-08 OBH_2174 Clarence Spady, Anomaly Brewing, Berwick EXCH small.jpg
2023-05-10 OBH_5987 Deb Callahan, Berwick small.jpg
2023-06-14 OBH_7153 Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio, Berwick -- Phyllis Hopkins small.jpg
2023-11-08 OBH_3473 Brooks Williams Berwick Coffeehouse small EXCH.jpg

2023 Coffeehouse Series concerts:

February 8th: BRET ALEXANDER -- video here

March 8th: THE CLARENCE SPADY BAND -- video here
April 12th: DAVE KEYES -- no video (sorry)
May 10th: DEB CALLAHAN BAND -- video here
June 14th: PHYLLIS HOPKINS TRIO -- video here
July -- We took the month off.
August 9th: NEIL TAPP and
September 13th: CLAUDE BOURBON -- no video (sorry)

October 11th: HARPER -- video here
November 8th: BROOKS WILLIAMS  -- video here

December 13th: HEX HIGHWAY BAND  -- video here

2023-08-09 OBH_7814 Neil Tapp, Mike Hickey, John Sweeney Berwick Coffeehouse small.jpg
2023-10-11 OBH_2038 Peter Harper, Coffeehouse Series small.jpg
2023-12-13 OBH_5326 Hex Highway Blues Band small.jpg

Call 570-317-2596 or e-mail for more information.

As part of its mission to bring the arts to all communities throughout our region, The Exchange has entered into an agreement with the Berwick Arts Association to produce a monthly Blues/Americana/Roots Coffeehouse Series to take place at Anomaly Craft Brewing at 135 West Front Street in Berwick, Pennsylvania.

On the second Wednesday of every month, from 7:00 to between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m., the musicians perform in Anomaly's intimate space (formerly A Perfect Blend), up close and personal.  We feature a range of acts – solo artists and small bands, acoustic and electric – in an atmosphere conducive to enjoying and experiencing the music: just a few dozen concertgoers, the musician(s), and the music.

Many other regional venues host Blues music, most of them bars and restaurants, and regional festivals – Briggs Farm and Billtown – draw many thousands of attendees annually; The Exchange's Listening Room offers a unique opportunity for music lovers: all of the advantages of a private house concert, where every attendee can talk with the musicians, where attendees and musicians share the music in a way only possible in such a small venue, but open to the public.  Now we have undertaken a similar project in Berwick, the next town up the Susquehanna River.  We look forward to seeing you at both venues!

For more information about the Exchange, contact us at 570-317-2596 or

Click here for the Spotify playlists by Listening Room performers and others associated with The Exchange.
Click here for links to Listening Room videos to watch whenever and wherever you want!

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