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"Bugs & Botanicals"

Show runs June 21st through July 30th, 2021


The natural world offers a great deal of intrigue and inspiration.  The Exchange Gallery sought artwork that depicts plant and/or insect life, real or imagined.  Whether tiny clovers or massive sequoia trees, beautiful butterflies or creepy crawlies, we want to see what plants or insects inspire artists in our region.

The show has work by fifty (50) artists from seven Pennsylvania counties and also a former Pennsylvanian now living in Delaware, and twenty (20) of them have work at The Exchange for the very first time -- very exciting to see so many new artists' work here!

We look forward to announcing a reception for the show to take place in late July.

Bugs & Botanicals banner
Ron Lambert -- Honeysuckle
Tahliah Fuller -- Bee Queen-The Green Lady
Robert Holborn Brown -- Flower Fusion
V. Dignazio oils and acrylics
Neil Dignazio photos
Gina Dignazio acrylica and mixed media and Sheila Dignazio felt
Chris Stametz -- Butterfly Collection
Chet Davis various media and Danny Bieber parchment and watercolor
Nancy Cleaver pen & ink and collage
Kelly Anne Freeman textiles
Chris Stametz collage and photos
Nikki Sunday -- The Jungian Mandala
J Michael Harding photos
Katie Gardner Wanner photos and Heather Botto photos
Bob McCormick various media
Annie Barnhardt -- Emma's Chair
Brielle Bolinsky -- Plants in Pantone
Alden Schwarz -- Garden Flora
Gloria Davis -- Moose & Butterfly Cheese Box
Elizabeth Chyko -- Trellis of Posies
Mike Kuznicki photos
Brian James Spies graphite
Chris Stametz -- handpainted jewelry
Tara McNish -- Tis The Year
Jencynn and Frank McGady photos
Michelle Peguero marker on marker paper
George Chamuris photos
Shaina Davis and Pearl Weaver, various media
Shaina Davis, Pearl Weaver, Oren Helbok, Gloria Davis, various media
Gloria Davis, Anne Cosper, and Adrianna Chyko, various media
Gloria Davis and Elizabeth Chyko, mixed media
Annie Barnhardt and Savilla Chyko, various media
Anya Berkheiser -- Water Bug
J Michael Harding photo prints
Katie Gardner Wanner and Scott Canouse photos and Michael Demarco ink and watercolor
Scott Canouse, Sara Baker, Anne Cosper, various media
Heidi Bieber -- Willow Tree
EJ Pedersen photos
Elizabeth Chyko fabric
Joseph Kowalewski, mixed media
Nicole Allbeck and Heather Bieber, acrylics
Howell Sasser digital prints
Carol Busada silver prints
Genevieve Dorang photos
Amy Felegie acrylics
Bryne Lewis oils
Bob McCormick -- Pete's Poppies

"Images In A Deliberate Sequence"

Show runs May 3rd through June 18th, 2021


Comics are a staple in visual storytelling, but what do “comics” encompass, and how can we identify that?  Over the past couple decades, the term “comics” has been reimagined several times to reflect the temperaments, styles, and themes that come in and out of fashion.  The Exchange Gallery sought artists of all ages and levels of experience to define what comics mean to them and to produce their own interpretations of a visual narrative.  Silver age, noir, manga, alternative – all styles and genres welcome in this celebration of comics.

The show has work by sixteen artists from six Pennsylvania counties and also a Pennsylvania transplant now living in Arizona; three currently attend Bloomsburg University, and at least four others graduated from Bloom U., recently and not so recently.

You can purchase pieces directly through the ArtOfPA Web site's e-commerce page devoted to this show; if you would like your piece(s) shipped to you, contact us before you buy so we can figure the shipping cost -- 570-317-2596,  You can of course also purchase pieces in person at the Gallery; click here for our hours, which vary from week to week.  (Whether you purchase in person or through the Web site, all pieces will remain on the wall here until the end of the show, June 18th.)

For the virtual tour of the show by video, click here.

For the first time with any of our shows, we feel it appropriate to alert viewers: Some people may find some of the work here not to their tastes, and some of it might provoke strong negative feelings.  We respect your feelings and ask you to respect our artists' right to free expression; the Exchange Gallery provides a venue for all of this work without condoning or condemning any particular ideas or points of view.

Deliberate Sequence banner
Gallery west wall
Gallery east wall
Tara McNeish -- The Dose Age
Tara McNeish -- Mush Head
Shaina Davis -- Guardian
Shaina Davis -- Guide
Steve Martz -- On The Hunt
Sarah Foster -- Rock Guy
Sarah Foster -- Rock Guy 1
Sarah Foster -- Rock Guy 2
Sarah Foster -- Rock Guy 3
Oren B Helbok -- Dave Lotfi Laughs
Nathan Lloyd -- Calatari War Party
Nathan Lloyd -- Akira Copy Page 21
Nathan Lloyd -- Arenia Galactica
Mahesh Sharma -- Shri Durga
Joey Bohler -- You Only Need One Hole
Joey Bohler -- Icons of Japan
Gina Dignazio -- three pieces
Gina Dignazio -- Storage Container
Gina Dignazio -- Reading Table
Gina Dignazio -- Key Homage
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 1
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 2
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 3
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 4
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 5
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 6
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 7
Christine Fritz -- Drawing Serenity 8
Chris Mathias -- Mr Halupki
Chris Mathias -- The Leather Line
Chris Mathias -- The Leather Line 2
Chris Mathias -- Combat Nun Character Design
Chris Mathias -- Combat Nun Quest
Chris Mathias -- Combat Nun Bedful Dreamin'
Chris Mathias -- Combat Nun Drink Canada Dry
Chris Mathias -- Combat Nun More Bedful Dreamin'
Chet Davis -- Man Without A Country
Chet Davis -- Blankets Are Never Enough.
Chet Davis -- Magazine Sequence front
Chet Davis -- Magazine Sequence back
Brielle Bolinsky -- Staring Down the Barrel
Anthony Cundro -- The Machine
Anthony Cundro -- Outside Hot
Anthony Cundro -- Scandalous
Allie Hayes -- Lucy Eve
Allie Hayes -- Skully Cat Lady
Allie Hayes -- Lost
Alden Schwarz -- My Parents Always Said They Met And Married In Paradise
Alden Schwarz -- My Mother Sometimes Thought She Was Carmen Miranda
Alden Schwarz -- My Father Sometimes Thought He Was Ernest Hemingway

Susquehanna Greenway Traveling Photo Gallery

Show runs March 31st through April 30th, 2021


The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership has sponsored a photo contest every year since 2012, attracting work by people throughout the 500-mile corridor along the North Branch, West Branch, and main stem of the Susquehanna River -- Pennsylvania's longest and one of the oldest in the world.  The Susquehanna Greenway corridor includes the river itself as well as the parks, trails, and communities that line the river’s banks.  Categories in the 2019 contest included Treasured Landscapes, Treasured River Towns, Susquehanna Adventures, and Bridges; in the 2020 contest (for which Exchange executive director Oren B. Helbok served as one of the jurors), categories included Treasured Landscapes, Treasured River Towns, Susquehanna Adventures, and Wildlife.


In addition to seeing the 2019 and 2020 winners at The Exchange, you can look at each one of them on the Web at and

For this show, we will not have an e-commerce page; if you would like to get in touch with any of the photographers to purchase a piece, please do so through the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership, 570-478-0178 or


For information about how to enter the 10th annual contest, visit

"In Opposition"

Show runs February 22nd through March 26th, 2021


This moment in American culture seems to be dominated by oppositional ideas.  People are certain that their ideas are correct, while in complete contradiction to others in their community.  The Exchange Gallery invited artists to make work about opposition: Each artist could make two pieces, or she could team up with someone to between them make two pieces, and the pair would demonstrate some kind of opposition.  The contrast could be conceptual, political, or formal; it couldbe as simple as complementary colors or as complicated as political disagreements.  For the most part, one side of the gallery displays one piece, and on the opposite wall we hung the oppositional piece.  The viewer can stand between the two ideas, picking a side – or not.  The show includes 2-D and 3-D pieces, and as always we encouraged work by artists of ALL ages and levels of experience; "In Opposition" includes work by Bloomsburg University art professors, students, and graduates, and it also includes work by two four-year-olds and a five-year-old -- the four-year-olds now in their third shows here, the five-year-old in his first.

Sales have ended, but you can still visit the "In Opposition" e-commerce page, with complete information about each piece; click here.

For the virtual tour by video, click here.

Opposition banner
Virginia Dignazio -- Hummingbird
Virginia Dignazio -- Cardinal
Sylvia J Denger -- Winter on Golden Pond
Sylvia J Denger -- Spring on Golden Pond
Sue O'Donnell -- Vintage 2020
Sue O'Donnell -- Vintage 1960
Steve Martz -- What It Was
Steve Martz -- What It Is
Savannha Shoemaker -- United As One
Savannha Shoemaker -- America Falling Apart
Ron Lambert -- Here Not Here 1
Ron Lambert -- Here Not Here 2
Natalie Frasca -- Day
Natalie Frasca -- Night
Natalie Frasca -- Beauty
Natalie Frasca -- Decay
Miriam Helbok -- No
Miriam Helbok -- Yes
Miriam Helbok -- Speech Bubbles left
Miriam Helbok -- Speech Bubbles right
Miriam Helbok -- Personality Traits left
Miriam Helbok -- Personality Traits right
Mary Powlus -- Untitled 1
Mary Powlus -- Untitled 2
Mary Powlus -- Ceci n'est pas orange
Mary Powlus -- Blue Wave
Marguerite Eisenhuth -- Opposition 1
Marguerite Eisenhuth -- Opposition 2
Liam Mainzer -- Heat Blast
Liam Mainzer -- Long Tooth
Lexi St Clair -- Angular Orange
Lexi St Clair -- Circular Blue
Lauren Burkhart -- Quiet Strength
Lauren Burkhart -- Male Gaze
Heather Bieber -- Love
Heather Bieber -- Hate
Drue Magee -- Our Country obverse
Drue Magee -- Our Country reverse
David A and Dawson Miller -- Left
David A and Dawson Miller -- Right
Chad Andrews -- Live For Now
Chad Andrews -- Live For Next
Bob McCormick -- Sunset in January
Bob McCormick -- Summer View
Ashley Lopez -- Trump
Emma Varano -- Bernie on a Landscape
Mark W Brehm Jr -- Dump
Annie Barnhardt -- Crow + Poem
Annie Barnhardt -- Snowy Owl + Poem
Annie Barnhardt -- Big
Annie Barnhardt -- Small
Alison Terry -- For As Long As We Live
Alison Terry -- Til Death Do Us Part

"What I Did In Quarantine"

Show runs January 9th through February 19th, 2021


The Exchange Gallery invited artists to submit work that they have made since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in early 2020.  We invited all media, 2-D and 3-D, including videos; as always, we encouraged work by artists of ALL ages and levels of experience.  The work may or may not have COVID itself as a theme, but in any event if the artist could tell us the story of how the crisis informed the work, all the better.  More than 50 artists from seven Pennsylvania counties (and the Bronx) responded to the call, with more than 100 pieces; they work in painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, digital arts (including video), fibers, and 2-D and 3-D mixed media.  Some of the artists have shown here for years; some have never shown here before -- and at least a couple have never shown their work in any gallery anywhere before.  Some have made art for decades (for one of them, upwards of eight decades); two have not entered kindergarten yet.

Sales have ended, but you can still visit the "Quarantine" e-commerce page, with complete information about each piece; click here.

For two video tours of the show that focus on the twelve artists who provided words to accompany their pieces, click here and here.

Our gratitude goes out to ALL of these artists for sharing their work with us; without them, we would have an empty room here -- but with them, because of them, we have the miracle of human creativity to share with YOU.

"What I Did In Quarantine" banner
Quarantine show banner and "Atlas MMXX" by Chet Davis
Quarantine show gallery view from front door
Quarantine show west wall front
Quarantine show west wall
Quarantine show west wall
Quarantine show gallery center
Quarantine show west wall front to back
Quarantine show gallery center
Quarantine show gallery center
Quarantine show west wall back to front
Quarantine show video by Jeremy DePrisco
Quarantine show east wall back to front
Quarantine show gallery back east wall
Quarantine show gallery center
Quarantine show east wall
Quarantine show east wall
Quarantine show east wall front

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