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"Cash & Carry IX"

Gallery west wall 2022-12-08.jpeg
Poster draft 2022-11-08 small.JPG

We gave away 333 8-inch squares and 133 9-inch rectangles, plus a few odd rectangles, and most of them came back with art on them -- more than 375 paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, and mixed-media pieces.


To see many of them (but certainly not all), visit our Facebook page.

The show runs November 21st through December 29th.

Poster background.jpg
Gallery east wall 2022-12-08.jpeg

In the Gallery October 10th through November 18th

-- and in gumball machines in 27 venues throughout our region:

SITEexchange, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg

Click here for more information.

"UFOs: UnFinished Objects"

A common idea among quiltmakers, the UnFinished Object may haunt many an artist.  But we choose to celebrate it in this exhibition: We asked artists to bring their unfinished artwork in any medium, 2D or 3D, for display in the Exchange Gallery, and 21 of them answered the call.  They live in five Pennsylvania counties and their work included paintings, drawings, various mixed media, and (of course) quilts.

In keeping with the theme, the show itself remained unfinished for weeks after it opened, as more and more work came in, deep into September; the last piece went up on the 20th of the month.  The River Poets ( used pieces in the show as inspiration for poetry, and they held a reading in the Gallery on September 15th; the slideshow below includes photos of the poems with their associated artwork.

The show runs August 29th through October 7th.

Exchange UFOs banner
Mary Powlus -- Untitled 1
Steven Concert -- Untitled 1 Unfinished
Mary Powlus -- Dux Femina Facti
Mary Powlus -- Untitled 2
Steven Concert -- Unfinished 2 Haiku
Mary Powlus -- Escape
Mary Powlus -- Islands in the Stream of Consciousness
Mary Powlus -- Leftovers
Leon Kass -- Melting
Steven Concert -- Melting Unfinished
Leon Kass -- Shiver
Steven Concert -- Shiver Unfinished
Melissa Matthews -- Mairs
Melissa Matthews -- Mill Window
Linda Dietrichson -- Mill Stream of Consciousness
Steven Concert -- Unfinished Parakeet
Lind Dietrichson -- Green Parrot
Steven Concert -- Unfinished Villanelle
Helen Lynn -- Unfinished Business
Melissa Matthews -- Kaleidoscope Quilt
Bela Ball -- Noses and Eyes
Bela Ball -- Eyes in Clay #1
Bela Ball -- Noses in Clay #1
Chet Davis -- Woodstock
Chet Davis -- Woodstock detail
Bela Ball -- The Eyes of Vaskala
Carol Busada -- Egg Basket 1
Carol Busada -- Egg Basket 2
Michael DeMarco -- Egg Basket 2
Michael DeMarco -- For Egg Basket 2
Jasper Martinez -- Balaclava With Potential 1
Jasper Martinez -- Balaclava With Potential 2
Brian Spies -- Rage Quilt front
Brian Spies -- Rage Quilt back
Robyn Madara Jay -- Tumbling Blocks Quilt
Dawn Moore -- Quilt squares
Robin Beck -- Faded Quilt
Steven Concert -- Oblivion Unfinished
Bill Donahue -- Un-fin-ished
Bridget Donahue -- Untitled
Steven Concert -- Dimensional Shift
Melissa Matthews -- Arctic Family from Dad’s Photo
Michael DeMarco -- Keepers of the Light
Tara MacNish -- Unfinished Songs
Shaina Davis -- Beach
Shaina Davis -- Ocean
Oren B Helbok -- Editing In Process
Liam Mainzer -- Untitled (Monster)
Annie Barnhardt -- I've Got The Blues
Mary Lapos -- Bill Robinson
Chris Mathias -- Valerie reading, Newlin
Gina Dignazio -- Panoramic Sky

"Creatures & Critters"

The animal kingdom is extremely diverse and contains millions of different species.  Some animals are our friends and companions.  Others are elusive and mysterious.  Some inspire fear. Many inspire wonder.  We asked people which animals inspire them, and 31 artists from six Pennsylvania counties answered the call; their work includes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, fiber art, and various mixed media, and the artists range from elementary-, middle-, and high-school students to those with many decades of experience.

The show runs from July 18th through August 26th.  Many of the photos here have gone up on our Facebook page, each with more information about the piece and the artist.

Creatures & Critters FB banner
Mary Lapos -- Morning Wrap I
Mary Lapos -- Running Into History
Scott Canouse -- Garden Spider
Tara McNeish -- Hawk Moth
Tara McNeish -- Tiger Moth
Jillian Franko -- Two Fun Guys
Jillian Franko -- Pink Jelly
Jillian Franko -- Sea Horse
Jillian Franko -- Blue Jelly
Michael Williams -- The All-Seeing Bald Eagle
William Loder -- Keeping Watch
Chet Davis -- The Time Has Come
Bryne Lewis -- Live Full, Leave Empty
Jody Fallon -- Scarecrow
Chet Davis -- Edison's Shaggy Dog
Quinn McCracken -- Squatch
Logan McCracken -- Pangolin Ice Cream
Logan McCracken -- Sleepy Owl
Virginia Dignazio -- Studio Cat
Mary Lapos -- Fluke
Mary Lapos -- Fins
Mary Lapos -- Flock
Elizabeth Chyko -- Meow Kitty
Clay Corbin -- Clown Beetles
Brian Spies -- Kings
Josiah Chyko -- Goldfinch
Savilla Chyko -- Robin's Nest
Savilla Chyko -- Penguin
Elizabeth Chyko -- Woodpecker
Mary Powlus -- Three Koi in the Fountain
Mary Powlus -- Passenger Pigeon II
Mary Powlus -- Passenger Pigeon I
Mahes Sharma -- Jungle
Gina Dignazio -- Octopus
Emily Shapeero -- Untitled
Elizabeth Chyko -- Krazy Katz
Elizabeth Chyko -- Dragonfly
Christian Wilson -- Not Tony
Scott Canouse -- Sandpiper Times Two
Anne Cosper -- Neurographic Rooster
Anne Cosper -- Greed
Amy Ikeler -- Sea Turtle
Amy Ikeler -- Sea Horse
Amy Ikeler -- Bunnies
Amy Ikeler -- Barred Owl on a Snowy Day
Amy Ikeler -- Barn Cats
Amy Ikeler -- Fawn
Quinn McCracken -- Humming Bird
Chet Davis -- Flush
Oren B Helbok -- Pollinator 1
Oren B Helbok -- Pollinator 2

"In Tune: Key of D" and "In the Reign of COVID: Black or White"

For the first time, an Exchange Gallery show by one artist has TWO themes: The left side of the Gallery features work in color -- "In Tune: Key of D" -- and the right side has work in monochrome -- "In the Reign of COVID: Black or White".

An American mixed-media artist, Mary Lapos (MOTH) is best known for penetrating depictions of the human condition via paintings that seem to reach past the canvas into the soul of her subjects. Her studio is located on the family farm in Danville, Pennsylvania, where she has lived and worked for 50 years.  For more information, visit

The show runs from June 13th through July 15th.

Mary Lapos door banner smal
Mary Lapos -- gallery east wall
Mary Lapos -- In Tune show write-up
Mary Lapos -- Flow
Mary Lapos -- Flow label
Mary Lapos -- Going Deep
Mary Lapos -- Going Deep label
Mary Lapos -- Waterworks
Mary Lapos -- Waterworks label
Mary Lapos -- Memory
Mary Lapos -- Memory label
Mary Lapos -- Adrift in the Sea of Creation
Mary Lapos -- Adrift in the Sea of Creation label
Mary Lapos -- Unity #6
Mary Lapos -- Unity #6 label
Mary Lapos -- Delicato
Mary Lapos -- Delicato label
Mary Lapos -- Emergent
Mary Lapos -- Emergent label
Mary Lapos -- Inside Out
Mary Lapos -- Inside Out label 1
Mary Lapos -- Inside Out label 2
Mary Lapos -- Inside Out Part 2
Mary Lapos -- We Are Running Out of Time
Mary Lapos -- We Are Running Out of Time label 1
Mary Lapos -- We Are Running Out of Time label 2
Mary Lapos -- We Are Running Out of Time label 3
Mary Lapos -- Adagio
Mary Lapos -- Adagio label
Mary Lapos -- In the Reign show title
Mary Lapos -- This Is Different
Mary Lapos -- This Is Different label
Mary Lapos -- Life and Fate
Mary Lapos -- Life and Fate label
Mary Lapos -- Winter of Our Discontent
Mary Lapos -- Winter of Our Discontent label
Mary Lapos -- Consider
Mary Lapos -- Consider label
Mary Lapos -- Health or Wealth
Mary Lapos -- Health or Wealth label
Mary Lapos -- Are We Done Yet
Mary Lapos -- Are We Done Yet label
Mary Lapos -- This Is My Symphony
Mary Lapos -- In the Midst of Impermanence
Mary Lapos -- In the Midst of Impermanence label
Mary Lapos -- gallery west wall
Mary Lapos -- gallery west wall end

"Far Out"

Psychedelic art made a splash in 1960s counterculture with its vibrant color schemes, distorted imagery, and kaleidoscopic patterns.  Borrowing elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau, psychedelia soon became embraced by mainstream pop culture where it continues to reside.  Similar genres such as ethereal art, fractal art, and celestial art can be found today on the Internet and in galleries across the globe.

The Exchange Gallery asked artists for their interpretations of psychedelic or “trippy” art, and 38 of them answered the call, bringing 95 pieces.  The artists live in seven central-Pennsylvania counties -- Columbia, Luzerne, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Schuylkill, and Union -- and also Vienna, Austria; twelve of them have work here for the first time.  Six students from Mifflinburg High School submitted work for the show, as did a current Bloomsburg University student, and one of our regular exhibitors displays her pieces alongside those by her 5-year-old and 3-1/2-year old grandchildren.  The overall quality -- and eye-appeal -- of the show makes it one of the best that we have ever hosted; our thanks go to all of the artists for their creativity and enthusiastic participation.

The show runs May 2nd through June 10th; we will host a reception on Friday, June 3rd, from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m., including live psychedelic music by one of the artists!

Far Out banner
Gina Dignazio -- Tree of Seasons
Dominique Louissant -- Diva 1
Dominique Louissant -- Diva 2
Dominique Louissant -- Diva 3
Dominique Louissant -- Diva 4
Dominique Louissant -- Diva 5
Nancy Cleaver -- The Longtime Sun
Tara MacNeish -- 'Tis The Season, Real-Eyes, and The Forager
Noah Hartman -- Stand With Ukraine
N Cleaver -- 'The Sky Stops At Nothing, The Earth Holds Its Own' 'Nothing to Gain, Nothing To Lose'
Gina Dignazio -- Teleportation
Virginia Dignazio -- The Little Dripper
Virginia Dignazio -- Oval Impressionism
Chris Stametz -- Peace Out
Chris Stametz -- Far Out
Chris Stametz -- Peace, Peace Peace
Rosie and Michael -- Tie-Dyed Happy and Under the Rainbow
Rosie -- Butterfly with Glasses
CL McBeth-Collins -- Number 9, Number 9, Number 9 redone
Jolene Behr -- Confusion
Jolene Behr -- Drip Drops
Felix Dick -- Trolls
Joharis Linette Bonet Varela -- Rainbow Illusion
Mark Charles Rooney -- Buddha Pop
Kaylee Garman -- Drippy Day
Carter Breed -- Ni
Robin Beck -- 'Shrooms
Robin Beck -- Fluorescent 1
Robin Beck -- Fluorescent 2
Joao Pedro Wilshusen -- Galaxy In Blue
Joao Pedro Wilshusen -- Citrus Summer
Claudia Wilshusen -- Flower Power
Claudia Wilshusen -- Groovy Girl
Margaret Davis -- Amanita muscaria
Emily Carlson -- 'Nora' and 'Perspective'
Danielle Maron -- Reverting Forward
Joharis Linette Bonet Varela -- Inner Obstacle
Helen Lynn -- Untitled
E. Rachael Gleeson -- The Great Gig in the Sky, Julia Dream, and Dark Side of the Moon
Jonah Weaver -- Cybergoddess Bellona
Heather Klinger -- Yarn coasters
Brian James Spies -- Acid Test
Brian James Spies -- L$D No 1
Brian James Spies -- L$D No 2
Shaina Davis -- Moon, Planet 1, Planet 2, Sun, and Earth
Seth Wilkerson -- Untitled 1
Seth Wilkerson -- Untitled 2-4
Neil Dignazio -- Glassedelic 1
Neil Dignazio -- Glassedelic 2
Neil Dignazio -- Glassedelic 3
Neil Dignazio -- Glassedelic 4
Neil Dignazio -- Glassedelic 5
Neil Dignazio -- Glassedelic 6
Erin Sears -- Don't Count Me Out
Mary Powlus -- Untitled
Mary Powlus -- Cosmic (4)
Mahes Sharma -- Spring
E. Rachael Gleeson -- Joplin, Wonka, and Landslide
Connie Minnick -- Peace, Love, and Happiness, Free As Butterflies, and Hippie Zombie
Klaus Pinter -- Object
Klaus Pinter -- Object
Chris Stametz -- Peace Has No Strings Attached
Chet Davis -- Big Bambino
Chet Davis -- Tripping on the Stairway to Heaven
Chet Davis -- Timothy Leary's Dead
Chet Davis -- Final Bow
Sara Mika -- Good Vibes, Feelin' Groovy, and Don't Worry Be Hippie

"Now in 3D"

We all know more is better!  The Exchange Gallery asked artists to leave the second dimension and join us in the third and take part in “Now In 3D” -- an exhibition of any and all three-dimensional works open to any medium and to artists of all ages and levels of experience.  More than thirty artists answered the call, from ten Pennsylvania counties -- Adams, Columbia, Luzerne, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Philadelphia, Snyder, Union, and Warren; the artists include five Mifflinburg High School students, two Bloomsburg University students, two high-school art teachers, and three college art professors, and twelve of them have work here for the first time.  Media include paint, clay, paper (both folded and quilled), fabric, artificial flowers, plaster, wire, wood, faux fur, recycled materials (including an old fork), and more; you will find "Now In 3D" beautiful and thought-provoking and inspiring and just plain fun.

The show runs March 21st through April 29th, 2022

With more than seventy pieces in the show, it will take us a few days to get all of them photographed and uploaded into the carousel here; thank you for your patience.

Now in 3d banner small
Will Wolf -- Portrait of a Heathen & On the Shoulders of Giants
Will Wolf -- On the Shoulders of Giants & Portrait of a Heathen
Will Wolf -- Bananananananananah! & Dead on Cherry Street
Will Wolf -- Dead on Cherry Street & Bananananananananah!
Virginia Dignazio -- Spring Floral
Tom Seay -- Shimmer, soft, model, misshapen
Tom Seay -- Desert, rock, star, block, afar
Tom Seay -- Bulge, blossom, bland, blend, hustle 1
Tom Seay -- Bulge, blossom, bland, blend, hustle 2
Thu Goodman -- four pieces
Thu Goodman -- Positive Landscape
Thu Goodman -- Bay Scene
Thu Goodman -- Flower Design 1
Thu Goodman -- Flower Design 2
Theresa Kirchner-Koch -- Lost Unity 1
Theresa Kirchner-Koch -- Lost Unity 2
Theresa Kirchner-Koch -- Emotional Limbo 1
Theresa Kirchner-Koch -- Emotional Limbo 2
Theresa Kirchner-Koch -- Emotional Limbo 3
Tara Shoemaker Holdren -- How I Carried Them
Tara Shoemaker Holdren -- The Skins of Our Mothers
Tara Shoemaker Holdren -- Artists I Have Loved
Tara Shoemaker Holdren -- Rothko
Tara Shoemaker Holdren -- O'Keeffe
Tara Shoemaker Holdren -- Nevelson
Seth Goodman -- Courting Coal Country
Shaina Ann Davis -- Spring Bouquet
Sara Baker -- Sculptural Vessel 1 1
Sara Baker -- Sculptural Vessel 1 2
Sara Baker -- Sculptural Vessel 2
Sara Baker -- Sculptural Vessel 3
Ron Lambert -- Untitled 1
Ron Lambert -- Untitled 2
Ron Lambert -- Path 1
Ron Lambert -- Path 2
Robin Beck -- Chopsticks holders
Peter Llanso -- Untitled mobile 1
Peter Llanso -- Untitled mobile 2
Mary Powlus -- Small Basket
Mary Powlus -- Large Basket
Mary Powlus -- Aardfork
Mahes Sharma -- A Sky Mountain
Lorraine Feola -- 3D Cubes
Leela Hubler -- Nighttime Mask
Leela Hubler -- Simple Coil Basket
Leela Hubler -- Bunny Bowl
Kathryn Adamo -- Ricardo 1
Kathryn Adamo -- Ricardo 2
Jolene Behr -- Up In Flames
James Pearson -- Forest Giant
Gina Dignazio -- Repurposed Rum Bottle
Felix Dick -- Empty 1
Felix Dick -- Empty 2
Felix Dick -- Ebony Dancer 1
Felix Dick -- Ebony Dancer 2
Felix Dick -- D20 1
Felix Dick -- D20 2
Felix Dick -- Maria Martinez-inspired pot 1
Felix Dick -- Maria Martinez-inspired pot 2
Elizabeth Chyko -- Time to Sew
Elizabeth Chyko -- Fidget Quilt
Elizabeth Chyko -- Pinwheel & Flowers
Elizabeth Chyko -- Dresden Plate
E. Rachael Gleeson -- Persephone
Destiny Jones -- Tennis 1
Destiny Jones -- Tennis 2
Ciera K. Zacek -- Bust
Chris Mathias -- Untitled vase 1
Chris Mathias -- Untitled vase 2
Chris Mathias -- Fish Column #1
Chris Mathias -- Fish Column #2
Chris Mathias -- Baphomet #1
Carol Busada -- Bittersweet
Carol Busada -- Spice Wreath
Brian James Spies -- Loser
Annie Barnhardt -- The Sea of Heaven
Annie Barnhardt -- Book In A Box
Andrew Griesacker -- Crater
Alden Schwarz -- Irises
Anne Cosper -- Ghost Albatross


Show runs Febuary 14th through March 18th, 2022

A thing that we are initially smitten with may go astray, maybe to the point where we want to smite that thing.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Exchange Gallery asked artists to make work based on the things that they love or things that they can’t stand, and perhaps something that they once loved that they now wish to smite.

The show has 32 pieces by nineteen artists from six central-Pennsylvania counties; three of the artists have work here for the first time.  Media include painting, drawing, photography, fabric, mixed-media in 2-D and 3-D, and even one teeny tiny piece in iron, made in a blacksmith's forge.

Thank you to Gallery volunteer Bela Ball for hanging the show -- the second in a row that he has done so attractively.

Smite-Smitten banner
Laurie McCants -- Eternally Smitten
Tara MacNish -- Untitled
Chet Davis -- Polyphemus
Chet Davis -- Book Lovers
Chet Davis -- Covid Couple
Oren B Helbok -- Bloomsburg, the Town We Love (and Sometimes Hate)
BJ Canouse -- Lake Ontario Nebula
BJ Canouse -- We're All Star Dust
Carol Busada -- The Door
Theresa Koch -- Growth from Negativity
Georgia-Rose Hyde -- Her Natural Form
Shaina Davis -- The Tattoo I Got For You, No. 1
Shaina Davis -- The Tattoo I Got For You, No. 2
Jolene Behr -- Ocean Breezes
Mahes Sharma -- Pan Water
Mary Powlus -- Past Imperfect
Robin Beck -- Untitled
Claudia Wilshusen -- Fragrance
Claudia Wilshusen -- First Impression
Claudia Wilshusen -- Beauty or Beast
Larysa Sheremeta -- Bouquet For You
Larysa Sheremeta -- Valentine's Day
Virginia Dignazio -- Kitty
Virginia Dignazio -- Totally Smitten
Elizabeth Chyko -- Think Spring
Elizabeth Chyko -- Celebrate
Chris Stametz -- Candy Hearts
Chris Stametz -- Tree Lover
Chris Stametz -- Follow Your Heart
Chris Stametz -- A Proposal
Virginia Dignazio -- Fresh Fallen Snow
Chris Stametz -- Hershey Kiss

​"[Don't] Quit Copying Me!"

Show runs January 10th through February 11th, 2022

Irish playwright, critic, and political activist George Bernard Shaw said “Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery – it’s the sincerest form of learning.”  Artists copy each other’s work all of the time -- sometimes literal copies, sometimes interpretations.  We asked to see artists' literal copies or interpretations -- their choices -- of other pieces of art, 2D or 3D, in any medium.  For example, one could paint an accurate reproduction of "The Starry Night", or one could re-create it in bottlecaps glued to a piece of cardboard.  "Nighthawks" in Lego?  Already done once (, but anyone can try a hand at it!  Any piece, famous or obscure, can serve as your starting point.


For an excellent essay about “Inspiration vs. Imitation”, visit copy-as-an-artist.

Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, "Don't Quit Copying Me"

The show attracted 56 pieces by 28 artists from seven Pennsylvania counties -- Columbia, Montour, Luzerne, Schuylkill, Northumberland, Union, and Lycoming.


The photo above includes work by two artists who have had work here before: Chris Stametz, whose paintings fill the righthand half of the image, beginning with "Van Gogh Paints Van Gogh" in the center, has shown here for years and counts as one of our most frequent exhibitors, working in many media; her five-year-old granddaughter Rosie made her own version of a Van Gogh painting, the mixed-media collage in the foreground.

In the photo below, Gallery volunteer Bela Ball poses in the Gallery after his afternoon of hanging the show, on the 8th of January.

Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, "Don't Quit Copying Me", Bela Ball
Banner small
Virginia Dignazio -- The Scream (after E Munch)
Theresa Koch -- Trois Pommes (after P Picasso)
Theresa Koch -- The Snail (after H Matisse) 2
Tara MacNish -- Venus of Willendorf
Stephanie Penn -- There Goghs My Hero
Stephanie Penn -- Where'd Meow Ear Gogh
Stephanie Penn -- Vinny's Vase
Stephanie Penn -- Sunnies
Stephanie Penn -- Sunflourish
Stephanie Penn -- Sonnenkönig
Stephanie Penn -- One Is The Loneliest Number
Stephanie Penn -- Singularity
Stephanie Penn -- Not Madonna
Stephanie Penn -- Kurt
Stephanie Penn -- Jasper In India
Stephanie Penn -- Budgerigar
Stephanie Penn -- Bee Kind
Sherian Angeli -- Wild Flowers (after J D Waterhouse)
Sherian Angeli -- The Old Violin (after Wm Harnett)
Shaina Davis -- Starry Night Over the Rhone (after V Van Gogh)
Shakira Moyer -- Still Life With The Mandolin (after P Picasso)
Natalie Osborne -- The Blue Window (after H Matisse)
Ravi Kagali -- Happy Little Accidents (after B Ross)
Oren B Helbok -- Chris LaBar at Steamtown
Mary Powlus -- Jackson Powlus (after Pollock)
Lesia Sheremeta -- Nighthawks (after E Hopper)
Larysa Sheremeta -- Water Lilies and Agapanthus (after C Monet)
Larysa Sheremeta -- Yachts at Argenteuil (after C Monet)
Larysa Sheremeta -- Water Lilies (after C Monet)
Larysa Sheremeta -- Still Life (after Haanen)
Jolene Behr -- Mosaic Three Pears (after P Cézanne)
Kayla Gross -- Sunflowers (after C Monet)
Haley Shafer -- Pop Still Life (after R Lichtenstein)
Gina Dignazio -- Kandinsky Remix
Genevieve Dorang -- Rancho de Taos Church (after Georgia O’Keefe)
Genevieve Dorang -- Pink Tulip (after Georgia O’Keefe)
Faith Barton -- Cape Cod Still Life (after R Lichtenstein)
Rosie B -- Sunflowers (after V Van Gogh)
Chris Stametz -- Impressionist Flowers
Chris Stametz -- Water Lilies
Chris Stametz -- Van Gogh Paints Van Gogh
Chris Stametz -- My Monet
Chris Stametz -- Abstract #1
Chris Stametz -- My Picasso
Chet Davis -- Conductor (after O Helbok)
Chet Davis -- Blue Beach (after Bischoff)
Chet Davis -- Waterbearer (after Longo)
Carol Ann Luschas -- Grotesque Profile (after L da Vinci)
Brock Dent -- Skulldiver (after C Brown)
Brian James Spies -- Leopards in the Temple
Barbara Klauger -- Gothic Pandemic (after G Wood)
Barbara Klauger -- Alley Games
Barbara Klauger -- Card Players (after P Cezanne)
Anne Cosper -- Eye of the Tiger
Alexia Sheremeta Long -- Self-Portrait with Monkey (after F Kahlo)

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