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The Exchange Gallery's first portrait show


Portraiture has captivated viewers for centuries.  In addition to likeness, portraits have the ability to convey mood, personality, and complex emotions.  Whether one creates art that is true to life, abstract, conceptual, or any variety in between, The Exchange put out a call for portrait art, with all media and all styles from ALL artists welcome and with the usual rule: The work had to fit through our front door.

78 artists from 10 Pennsylvania counties responded, filling the Gallery with 176 pieces.  They worked in paint, pencil, marker, clay, photography, video, mixed hardwoods, Lite Brite, and more.

The show runs March 18th through April 26th, with a reception on April's First Friday, the 5th, 5-8 p.m.

Image above: "Every Battle Shapes Her" by Tiffany Shinskie

"Face Value" -- eight artists
"Face Value" -- six artists
Stephanie Briggs, Mary Ann Levins, Michele Banting
"Face Value" -- five artists
Mary Ann Levins, Claude Harrington, John Wengren
Kim East, Melissa Matthews, Laura S. Gelety
Laura S. Gelety -- "Lite Brite Hendrix"
Dominique Louissaint, Chet Davis, Dave Stabley
Tara MacNish, Iliana Malochka
Chet Davis, Michael Delmonico, Tara Shoemaker Holdren, Mary Ann Levins
"Face Value" -- six artists
Genevieve Kinney, Larysa Sheremeta, Susan Boudman, Mary Ann Levins
"Face Value" menagerie
"Face Value" menagerie
Chris Stametz and Margie Hunsinger
Face Value show west wall detail
Face Value show west wall detail
Face Value show west wall detail
David R. and Rebecca Joy Thomas
Face Value show west wall detail
Melissa Matthews, Emilio Hernandez, Shaina Davis
Paige "Ace" Williams, Morgan Saltzman, Colby Graydon
Face Value show west wall detail
Amy Shepperson, Gina Dignazio, Rebecca Joy Thomas
Face Value show west wall detail
Ashley Birster, Dana DiCamillo, Claudia Wilshusen
Tara Shoemaker Holdren, Chrystal Smallwood, Claude Harrington
Steve Martz, Annie Barnhardt, Sylvia Glassmann, Tara Shoemaker Holdren
Taylor Nesbitt, Steve Martz, Andrea Ficks
Stephanie Briggs, Sandy Yoder, Steve Martz
Ashley Birster, Susan Boudman
Jermaine Johnson, Virginia Dignazio, Susan Boudman
Oren Helbok, Robert H Brown
Jordana wagner -- "Right Where You Left Me"
Jordana Wagner -- "Grab Them By The P**sy"
Jordana Wagner -- "Grab Them By The P**sy" detail
Jordana Wagner -- "Grab Them By The P**sy" detail
"Face Value" -- five artists
Hanna O Fitzmartin -- "Icons"
Grace Weinreich, Sarah Gabrielle
Beth Ann Fritz and Keith Kocher -- "Beth Ann"
Tuesday Crew coffee table
Tuesday Crew coffee table detail
Rebecca Joy Thomas -- untitled self-portrait
Rebecca Joy Thomas -- untitled self-portrait
Rebecca Joy Thomas -- untitled self-portrait
Rebecca Joy Thomas -- untitled self-portrait
Alex Frew solo show

Alex Frew has made a name for himself as a tattoo artist in our region, now working at Absinthe Tattoo in Sunbury.  We first met Alex in 2015, when he walked into the Gallery and offered to show us some drawings -- and he pretty well covered the floor with dozens and dozens of them.  He has entered work in a few of our exhibitions and now has a solo show that you will not want to miss.

The show runs from February 12th through March March 15th; we will have a rare Saturday reception on March 9th, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Alex says "After completing a 7-year prison sentence I was determined to hit the ground running upon making parole.  I was determined to make any connections I could in the world of art.  On my third day out I saw Oren in the new Exchange Gallery while walking in between tattoo parlors and asked if he wanted to see my art.  He insisted that he did, so I began to lay out everything I had on the floor.  I’ve met other curators for a bunch of local galleries.  None were as receptive to me as Oren had been. I  always try to keep an eye out for any submissions that I can make to any shows he runs.  I’ve never met a stronger advocate for the arts and local community.  That’s why I decided 5 years ago that I wanted to have a gallery showing when I turned 40.  It was clear to me that it had to be with Oren and The Exchange."

You can read Alex's full artist's statement here and find a full catalog of the show, with Alex's descriptions of the pieces, here.

Alex Frew 7
Alex Frew -- Untitled 1
Alex Frew -- Don’t search for God in the sky, look within
Alex Frew -- Every act of creation is first an act of destruction
Alex Frew 6
Alex Frew -- Seek what sets your soul on fire
Alex Frew -- What we achieve inwardly will change our reality
Alex Frew 4
Alex Frew -- Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one
Alex Frew -- Creativity, like life itself, begins in the darkness
Alex Frew -- Belladonna
Alex Frew -- Loose lips sink ships
Alex Frew -- What is now proven was once only imagined
Alex Frew -- Minds stretched by experience can never go back to old dimensions
Alex Frew -- Untitled (Owl)
Alex Frew -- Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only wall
Alex Frew -- Untitled 3
Alex Frew -- Chasing Dragons
Alex Frew -- Untitled (Lion)
Alex Frew -- Untitled (Tiger)
Alex Frew -- Untitled drawing 1
Alex Frew -- Untitled drawing 2
Alex Frew -- Untitled (four pieces)
Alex Frew -- Life has to end, love doesn’t
Alex Frew -- six pieces
Alex Frew -- Mankind is stripped naked when he’s in conversation with God
Alex Frew 3
Alex Frew -- Untitled 2
Alex Frew -- I can resist everything except temptation
Alex Frew 2
Alex Frew -- This eye was an important piece to me
Alex Frew -- Dare to be yourself, no matter how strange
Alex Frew -- Untitled drawing 3
Alex Frew -- Pennsylvania Bald Eagle
Alex Frew -- Untitled (Bear)
Alex Frew -- soul of a woman was created below
Alex Frew 1
Sanctuary banner small.jpg

We asked artists: What does “sanctuary” mean to you?  How can you depict it in artwork?  As always, we accepted all media from all artists of every age and level of experience with one criterion: The work must fit through our front door.  "Sanctuary" has 52 pieces by 29 artists from six central-Pennsylvania counties; they range in age from elementary school students to 80something, and they work in many media -- painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, video, and various mixed media.  Their inspirations and ideas span as broad a range as their ages and backgrounds.

The show runs January 8th through February 9th, 2024, with a reception on First Friday, February 2nd -- Groundhog Day.

We present “Sanctuary” in association with Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble's show “Sanctuary City”, in which Pulitzer Prize winner Martyna Majok delivers a powerful tale of two young DREAMers fighting for their place in the only home they've ever known.  With poignant and timely storytelling, Majok’s play explores the profound sacrifices and unwavering friendship between these characters, highlighting the stakes they face when risking everything for each other.

The play comes to us as a collaboration with Bloomsburg University’s Conversations for the Common Good, an interdisciplinary, university- and community-wide movement linking students, staff, faculty, and administrators with community partners and the general public towards a single goal: to invest time, talent, and resources to promote dialogue that unites and bridges seemingly vast divides within our community.

"Sanctuary City" ran from January 18th through February 4th; for more information, click here.

Cash & Carry panels
"Cash & Carry X" work before hanging
"Cash & Carry X" work before hanging
"Cash & Carry X" work before hanging
"Cash & Carry X" Gallery overview
The Exchange Gallery east wall, "Cash & Carry X"
The Exchange Gallery west wall, "Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X" -- Tina Martyniuk
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
Monty Long
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
Elliot Lewis
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
Cash & Carry -- Tymur Djahongirov
"Cash & Carry X" -- St. Columba School artwork
"Cash & Carry X" -- St. Columba School artwork
"Cash & Carry X" -- Amy Shepperson
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X" -- Jaden Nguyen
Pearl Weaver -- Welcome
Gallery view 2024-01-09
Oren B Helbok -- Cathedral of Steam
Claude Harrington -- In the Seine Maritime
Claude Harrington -- Contemplation
Chet Davis -- Rite of Passage
Kate Murphy -- Sanctuary
Margie Hunsinger -- Woody's Place
Tony Maurer and Tara MacNish -- Mental Masturbation
Heidi A Heim -- Bayside Tree
Oren B Helbok -- My Happy Place 1
Oren B Helbok -- My Happy Place 2
Virginia Dignazio -- Winter Sanctuary
Virginia Dignazio -- Hidden Treasure
Mary Ann Levins -- Fall in Lake George
Mary Ann Levins -- Reflections
Mary Ann Levins -- Downingtown Retreat
Robert Walz -- Shell-Shut Heart
Cathy Kuczynski -- Sanctuary
Michael Wiliams -- Silhouettes of the Susquehanna
Claude Harrington -- Nature
Shaina Davis
Dominque Louissaint
Anna Maffei
Brian Spies, Sloan Karas, Riley Karas
Larysa Sheremeta -- Wreath
Larysa Sheremeta -- Christmas Star
Larysa Sheremeta -- Family
Claude Harrington -- Joy
Avery Campbell -- Sanctuary of Theater
Jessica Rightnour-Miller -- Womb
Jessica Rightnour-Miller -- Cocoon
Laura Campbell
Irene Fisher -- Folllow Your Heart
Chet Davis -- Agoraphobic
Elliot Robbins
Mia Diehl -- Sanctuary and Sanctuary
Annie Barnhardt -- Personalized Alphabet
Lucy Diehl -- Butterfly Puddler
Ria Puvvula -- Happy Place
Sara Baker -- three pieces
Sara Baker -- River's End
Sara Baker -- Waves
Sara Baker -- Piddly Rapid
Chet Davis -- Border Barb
Chet Davis -- Border Barb (detail)
Jim Pearson chairs, back view
Jim Pearson chairs, top view
Jim Pearson chair
Jim Pearspon chairs, night

For our earlier exhibits, click on each year:

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