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Calls for Entry

Most Exchange Gallery shows include work by artists young and old, established and up-and-coming, professional and amateur, from throughout the Susquehanna River Valley -- everyone from Bloomsburg University art students and professors to regional high school students to pre-schoolers, people who have exhibited nationally to those showing their work for the first time.  Please check here regularly for information on upcoming open-call shows.
Quarantine show gallery center 1.JPG

"What I Did In Quarantine", 2021

Unless noted, it costs nothing to enter our shows, and we have only one rule: The work must fit through the Gallery's front door.  We encourage artists to put their work for sale; they receive 80% of the sale price and the Gallery retains 20% to help keep our light on.


When you bring your work to the Gallery, please have one of these forms filled out.  (If you cannot print it ahead of time, we will have them here for you.)

We also occasionally make a video about the work in a show, and we would like to include artists speaking about their work.  If you can make your own short video clip, please e-mail it to us at; you may also e-mail us a self-portrait/headshot and an artist's statement.

The Exchange coordinates rotating exhibits at other venues too: the Bloomsburg Public Library on Market Street and the Silk Mill Apartments on 6th Street; in both locations, work changes quarterly.  For information about how you can show your artwork at either of them, contact us at 570-317-2596 or  See below for photos of some of the spaces available at the Library.

Bloomsburg Public Library exhibition space, The Exchange Gallery
Bloomsburg Public Library exhibition space, The Exchange Gallery
BPL Oren's Bloomsburg Public Library exhibition space, The Exchange Gallery3.jpg
Bloomsburg Public Library exhibition space, The Exchange Gallery

2024 SHOWS

Download a pdf with all of the year's calls for entries here.

Open-call show: "Face Value"

Show runs March 18th through April 26th

Work due by Saturday, March 16th

Reception on April's First Friday, the 5th, 5-8 p.m.

The Exchange Gallery's first portrait show: Portraiture has captivated viewers for centuries.  In addition to likeness, portraits have the ability to convey mood, personality, and complex emotions.  Whether you create art that is true to life, abstract, conceptual, or any variety in between, The Exchange would like to see your portrait art.  All media and all styles from ALL artists welcome, with the usual rule: Your work has to fit through our front door.

Image above: "Every Battle Shapes Her" by Tiffany Marie

Every Battle Shapes Her -- Tiffany Marie small.JPG
Christine Stametz, "Therapy on 2 Wheels" -- SITEexchange, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg

Chris Stametz

Therapy on 2 Wheels

Open-call show: "Art of the Roaring Creek Valley"

Work due Saturday, April 27th

Show runs April 29th through June 7th

Reception on May's First Friday, the 3rd, 5-8 p.m.

The 80-square-mile Roaring Creek watershed lies in Columbia, Montour, and Northumberland Counties; it includes the popular trails around the reservoirs in Weiser State Forest as well as the farm country surrounding Fisherdale, Mill Grove, Numidia, Slabtown -- and Knoebels.  Just as we had done in the "SITEexchange" show, we want to see your artwork, in any medium, that celebrates this lovely part of our region.

This show marks the first collaboration between The Exchange and the Roaring Creek Valley Conservation Association, which seeks to conserve the natural resources of the basin and its rich culture through watershed stewardship, education, and monitoring.  Find out more here.

Train of Thought banner small.jpg

Open-call show: "Train of Thought"

Show runs June 10th through July 19th

Work due by Saturday, June 8th

Reception on July's First Friday, the 5th, 5-8 p.m.

Show us your artwork about trains and railroading!

“Railroad trains are such magnificent objects that we commonly mistake them for Destiny.” – E. B. White (1899-1985)

“[W[hat thrills me about trains is not their size or their equipment but the fact that they are moving, that they embody a connection between unseen places.” – Marianne Wiggins (b. 1947, Lancaster, Pa.)


“Is there anyone who has not felt the magnetic attraction of unseen cities, train whistles, the rhythmic chant of wheels on the railway tracks stretching behind you, where you came from, and before you, where you’re headed – who knows to what chance encounters and fresh hopes? Wonder about faraway places is born in us in childhood; and, with me, it never dimmed.” – Lev Kopelev (1912-1997)

As always, we accept all media in every size up to that of our front door, and we encourage artists of all ages and levels of experience.

Photo above by Oren B. Helbok

Susan Fulginiti 1.jpg

Susan Fulginiti solo show, July 22nd through August 30th

Reception on August's First Friday, the 2nd

Open-call show: "Looking Up"

Show runs September 3rd through October 11th

Work due by Saturday, August 31st

Reception on September's First Friday, the 6th, 5-8 p.m.

Helen Keller once said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Show us your artwork about what makes you happy!

The Exchange would like to know: What gives you hope?  What brings you happiness?  The Exchange Gallery invites you to create artwork on the theme of happiness, optimism and/or hope.  As always, we accept all media in every size up to that of our front door, and we encourage artists of all ages and levels of experience.

Image above by Dennis A. Livesey

2021-12-03 Tina Martyniuk.JPG

Tina Martyniuk solo show,

October 14th through November 22nd

Reception on November's First Friday,

the 1st, 5-8 p.m.

Tina's artist's statement:

"I am a Ukrainian-born photographer with a professional IT career, who found a second home in the warm embrace of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. My story began with my move from Ukraine to New York in 2010, a journey marked by struggle and survival. However, it was in Bloomsburg where I found my true calling. Amidst the challenges of adapting to a new place and coping with depression, I discovered solace and expression through my camera lens.


Fundraisers that I organized for Ukraine became the bridge to this welcoming community. These events, where people came together to support me and my homeland, opened doors to connections and involvement in different local clubs. It was here that I found inspiration from fellow photographers, pushing me to explore photography as a means of fundraising for Ukraine. Photography thus became my dual passion: a creative outlet capturing the serene landscapes of Pennsylvania and the vibrant life of Bloomsburg, as well as a channel to support Ukraine.


My work is a tribute to the people who uplifted me, from supportive neighbors to inspiring members of local clubs. Each portrait and landscape in this showcase represents a chapter of my journey, a piece of my heart.


But the purpose of this showcase goes beyond art. It's an opportunity for the local community to see their neighbors, the places they know, and the landscapes they pass through daily, through my eyes, through my camera lens. It offers a fresh perspective on the familiar, a chance to view the familiar from the outsider's gaze.


This exhibition is not just a display of art; it's a testament to resilience, community, and the unbreakable spirit of a small-town that welcomed a foreigner as one of its own."

Cash & Carry VI 9.JPG

"Cash & Carry XI": November 25th through December 27th

We'll have more information to you closer to the time.

Coming in 2025:

“Susquehanna Greenway Partnership photo contest winners”

Show runs Monday, October 20th, through Friday, November 21st

We'll have information to share about 2025's open call shows soon.

Please submit this form with your work.

Loan Agreement:

You as artist/lender bear sole responsibility for insuring your own work.  Neither the Exchange nor its volunteers nor employees may be held liable for any loss or damage to the artwork on loan. Neither an exhibitor nor any representative(s) thereof shall be a party to any legal action against The Exchange, its board of directors, its employees, or its volunteers arising out of any such loss or damage to personal property or personal injury.   When you drop off your work, you must sign a gallery loan agreement to this effect.

We use photographs of artwork for promoting the exhibitions here; on the form, you may choose to have your work not photographed.

The Exchange Gallery takes a 20% commission on sales, meaning the artist receives 80% of the sale price of a piece.  You may choose to donate more than 20% -- and up to 100% -- of the sale price to the Gallery.  All income from sales goes directly to keeping the lights on here.


Any work not picked up one month after the end on an exhibition will be considered abandoned and will be recycled.

Exhibition Agreement:

You must certify that all work offered for exhibition, for sale, and/or for display at the Exchange is original and designed and executed by you or legally represented by you.  You understand that The Exchange reserves the right to accept or reject any work for public display.



We look forward to having your work at the Exchange Gallery.

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