We've got some 2023 Listening Room concerts booked!

February 22nd: 4 GUITAR MASTERS (names TBA)
March 29th: THE HESS BOYS
May 31st: TL & Kj

June 28th: DAVE BROWN

Patrick Sullivan, The Exchange Listening Room, Bloomsburg PA
Gabe Stillman, The Exchange's Listening Room, Bloomsburg PA
Dan Hess, The Exchange's Listening Room, Bloomsburg PA
Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner & Tim Latshaw.jpg
Dave Brown, The Exchange's Listening Room, Bloomsburg PA

Call 570-317-2596 or e-mail Exchange@ExchangeArts.org to reserve seats.

Donations accepted at the door -- we used to ask for $5 per person, now we'd rather $10 or more,
but we leave it up to you.  Remember, this live music happens because of your support!

Walk-ins welcome, and BYOB welcome too.

Watch the videos of our previous concerts here.

For the complete list of Listening Room artists,
click here.

As part of its mission to bring the arts to all communities throughout our region, The Exchange hosts a monthly Blues/Americana/Roots Listening Room in its storefront art gallery on Main Street in Bloomsburg.

On the last Wednesday of every month (more or less, and occasionally other days), from 7 to 9 p.m., the musicians perform in our intimate space at 24 East Main Street, up close and personal.  We feature a range of acts – solo artists and small bands, acoustic and electric – in an atmosphere conducive to enjoying and experiencing the music: just a few dozen concertgoers, the musician(s), and the music.

Many other regional venues host Blues music, most of them bars and restaurants, and regional festivals – Destination Blues, Briggs Farm, and Billtown – draw many thousands of attendees annually; the Destination Blues Listening Room offers a unique opportunity for music lovers: all of the advantages of a private house concert, where every attendee can talk with the musicians, where attendees and musicians share the music in a way only possible in such a small venue, but open to the public.

For more information about the Exchange, contact us at 570-317-2596 or exchange@exchangearts.org.


returned to the Listening Room on Wednesday, November 9th.

Watch the video here.

2022-11-09 OBH_0014 Brooks Williams EXCH small.jpg
2022-10-26 OBH_6003 Harper and Midwest Kind.JPG


played the Listening Room on Wednesday, October 26th.

Watch the video here.


played the Listening Room on Wednesday, September 28th.

Watch the video here.

 The Exchange's Listening Room presents the Supra Ayers Pilorz Trio
2022-08-31 OBH_4655 Doug McMinn Listening Room small EXCH.JPG


played the Listening Room on Wednesday, August 31st.

Watch the video here.


played the Listening Room on Wednesday, June 29th.

Watch the video here.

2022-06-29 OBH_2727 Norman Taylor Trio small EXCH.jpg
2022-05-25 OBH_9787 Nate Myers Trio Listening Room EXCH small.jpg


played the Listening Room on Wednesday, May 25th.

Watch the video here.


played the Listening Room on
Wednesday, March 30th.

Watch the video here.

2022-03-30 OBH_7741 Claude Bourbon, Exchange Listening Room B&W small EXCH.JPG

Click here for the Spotify playlists by Listening Room performers and others associated with The Exchange.
Click here for links to Listening Room videos to watch whenever and wherever you want!

Clarence Spady 1.jpg

We celebrated the release of the album
"Surrender" by the
Clarence Spady Band
with a concert recorded in
the Exchange Gallery

To watch it, click here.

2019-03-27 1832 Tom Graham cropped verti
Tom Graham
2019-04-24 2033 Listening Room Bev Conkl
Bev Conklin
2019-05-29 1915 Listening Room with Nick
Nick Andrew Staver and Mike Quinlivan
Clarence Spady
Ed Randazzo and Bret Alexander
Gabe Stillman
2019-02-27 1921 2 Listening Room with Va
Vanessa Collier and Arthur Neilson
2019-09-25 Listening Room JP Williams an
JP Williams and Eddie the Harp
Past performers:
  Mike MiZ, July 26th, 2017
  Bobby Kyle, August 30th
  Clarence Spady, September 27th
  Gabe Stillman and Colin Beatty, October 25th
Bret Alexander and
   Nyke Van Wyk, November 29th
Anthony Hannigan and Roy
   Williams, with Jillian Hannigan,
   December 27th, 2017
Sean Farley, January 31st, 2018
Ed Randazzo & Bret Alexander,
   February 28th
Dave Brown, March 28th
  with Dave Hampton and Mark Woodyatt
Stacia Abernatha, April 25th
Dustin Douglas, May 30th
Phyllis Hopkins, June 27th
JP Williams, July 25th
Brothers Gilliland, August 29th
Tony Halchak, September 26th
John Sweeney and Mike Hickey,
    October 31st
Chris LaRose, November 28th
Nate Myers and Tom Rosencrans,
    December 26th, 2018
Allan Combs II, January 30th, 2019
Vanessa Collier & Arthur Neilson,
    February 27th
Tom Graham, March 27th
BC Combo, April 24th
Nick Andrew Staver, May 29th
Mystery Trayne, June 26th
Special Berwick event, Friday, June 28th
  Ed Randazzo and Bret Alexander         
Hubert Dorigatti, July 31st
Becky Blue Band, August 28th
JP Williams, September 25th
Brooks Williams, October 30th
Gabe Stillman Band, November 27th
Mini Mojo, December 18th, 2019
Special Berwick event, Friday, January 17th, 2020
  Ed Randazzo and Bret Alexander
Special show at The Study Bar, January 25th
  Benjamin Vo Band
Dave Keyes, February 26th, 2020
Deb Callahan, June 24th
   Watch the whole Deb Callahan show here!
Stacia Abernatha & Sean Farley, July 1st
   Watch Stacia's and Sean's show here!
Extra show: Breeze with Mary Knysh
   Watch the Breeze show here!
Norman Taylor, July 29th
   Watch the Norman Taylor show here!
Special show
  Johnny Rawls, August 2nd
    Watch the Johnny Rawls show here!

Bret Alexander & Nyke Van Wyk, August 5th
   Watch Bret's and Nyk's show here!
Special show: Bob Matthews
   Watch Bob's show here!
Kevin McCann Blues Trio -- August 26th
   Watch Kevin's show here!
King Solomon Hicks -- September 2nd
   Watch the King Solomon Hicks show here!
Kerry Kenny Trio -- September 30th
   Watch Kerry's show here!
Ann Kerstetter Band -- October 7th, 2020
   Watch the Ann Kerstetter show here!
Ed Randazzo & Bret Alexander -- April 28th, 2021
   Watch Ed's and Bret's show here!
Clarence Spady Band -- May 26th

   Watch the concert here!
The Anderson Project -- June 30th

   Watch the concert here!
The BC Combo -- July 14
   Special show in Bloomsburg Town Park
Sweeney Blues Revue -- August 25th
Watch the concert here!
Tas Cru and his Band of Tortured Souls -- Sept. 18th
Watch the concert here!
Chris LaRose and Emily Neblock -- Sept. 29th

  Watch the concert here!
Jack Adams Blues Band -- Oct. 27th
Watch the concert here!
Tas Cru and Mary Ann Casale -- Nov. 26th

  Watch the concert here!
Noaker/Combs Duo -- Dec. 29th, 2021

  Watch the concert here!
Bobby Gentilo Trio -- Jan. 26th, 2022

  Watch the concert here!
Strawberry Ridge -- Feb. 23rd

  Watch the concert here!
Claude Bourbon -- March 30th

  Watch the concert here!
Stephanie Joyner -- April 26th
Watch the concert here!
Nate Myers Trio -- May 25th

  Watch the concert here!
Norman Taylor Trio -- June 29th

  Watch the concert here!
Bennett Matteo Band -- July 27th

  We had technical difficulties, so no video . . .
Doug McMinn Blues Band -- August 31st

  Watch the concert here!
Supra Ayers Pilorz Trio -- September 28th

  Watch the concert here!
Harper and Midwest Kind -- October 28th

  Watch the concert here!
Brooks Williams -- November 9th, 2022

  Watch the concert here!

SEE YOU IN 2023!
Stacia Abernatha
2018-12-26 Nate Myers and Tom Rosencrans
Tom Rosencrans
2019-10-30 2017 Brooks Williams Listenin
2020-07-29 Norman Taylor OBH_9539 small.
Brooks Williams
2018-12-26 Nate Myers and Tom Rosencrans
Nate Myers
2018-06-27 Listening Room Dustin Douglas
Dustin Douglas
Dave Brown
2018-06-27 Listening Room Phyllis Hopkin
2018-07-25 Listening Room JP Williams an
2018-08-29 Brothers Gilliland John and S
2018-09-26 Jeremy Burke, Tim Huh, Tony H
Brothers Gilliland
Phyllis Hopkins
JP Williams and
Eddie the Harp
Tony Halchak and friends
Norman Taylor
2018-10-31 John Sweeney 2 small.jpg
2018-10-31 Mike Hickey 1 small.jpg
John Sweeney and Mike Hickey
Chris LaRose and Emily Neblock.jpg
Chris LaRose and Emily Neblock
Bret Alexander and Nyke Van Wyk
Anthony Hannigan and friends
Mike MiZ
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Bobby Kyle
Sean Farley
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