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"Bridging the Physical Distancing"

In order to maintain our promotion of new art in a time of quarantine, The Exchange has reprised the postcard show

"Let Me Introduce Myself" that we held in 2016.


To bridge the physical distances between all of us in these troubled times, we asked artists to submit work for an on-line-only exhibition.  Artists made postcards and sent them to other artists in the U.S. Mail -- anyone who made and sent one also received one!


We asked each artist to please photograph their piece, front and back, and e-mail the images to us, and you see these images here.


Thanks to all of the artists for helping to bridge the distancing!

Sara Bowman 1.jpg
Sara Bowman 2.jpg

Sara Bowman, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Ron Lambert 1.jpg
Ron Lambert 2.jpg

Ron Lambert, Bloomsburg

Oren B Helbok 1.JPG
Oren B Helbok 2.JPG

Oren B. Helbok, Bloomsburg

Nancy Cleaver 1.jpg
Nancy Cleaver 2.jpg

Nancy Cleaver, Lewisburg

Michelle Yost (1).JPG
Michelle Yost (2).JPG

Michelle Yost, Bloomsburg

Melissa Matthews (2).jpg
Melissa Matthews (1).jpg

Melissa Matthews, Bloomsburg

Mary Powlus 1.jpg
Mary Powlus 2.jpg

Mary Powlus, Bloomsburg

Marcia Esquibel (1).jpg
Marcia Esquibel (2).jpg

Marcia Esquibel, Riverside

Maia Baker (1).JPG
Maia Baker (2).JPG

Maia Baker, Bloomsburg

Lisa Herrald-Doerschler 1.jpeg
Lisa Herrald-Doerschler 2.JPG

Lisa Herrald-Doerschler, Bloomsburg

Linda Dietrichson (2).JPG
Linda Dietrichson (1).JPG

Linda Dietrichson, Millville

Gina Dignazio_Postcard.jpg
Gina Dignazio 2.jpg

Gina Dignazio, Hazle Township

El Doerschler.jpeg
El Doerschler 2.jpg

El Doerschler, Bloomsburg

Chet Davis (1).jpg
Chet Davis (2).jpg

Chet Davis, Paxinos

Chad Andrews (2).JPG
Chad Andrews (1).JPG

Chad Andrews, Montoursville

Amanda Hurlburt (1).jpg
Amanda Hurlburt (2).jpg

Amanda Hurlburt, Shamokin

Denise Moy 1.jpg

Denise Moy, Selinsgrove

Lisa Rumberger 1.jpg
Ashley Lopez.jpg

Ashley Lopez, Danville

Lisa Rumberger 2.jpg

Lisa Rumberger, Elysburg

Susan Webster 1.jpg
Susan Webster 2.jpg

Susan Webster, Bloomsburg

Anne Cosper.jpeg

Anne Cosper, Bloomsburg logo
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