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Mary ClappPresident
Chris YoungVice-president
Drue MageeTreasurer
Chad Andrews
Robert Holborn Brown
Mary Chamuris
Kevin Drewencki
Marla Hahn
Barbara Heintz
Victor Koons
Otto Kurecian
Adrienne Mael
Robert Stoudt

Board committees include Facilities, chaired by Chris Young; Finance, chaired by Mary Clapp; Grants, chaired by Oren Helbok; Programs/Marketing; the Stairwell Gallery, chaired by Chad Andrews; and Nominations & Elections, chaired by Otto Kurecian. Each committee has representatives from the board and, except for N. & E., can include non-board members as well. If you have an interest in serving on any of these committees, please contact the chair or Oren Helbok.


Oren B. Helbok, Executive Director, 570-317-2596 or


Gathered in front of the Moose Exchange in March 2012, under the then-newly-renovated neon sign, the board of 203 West Main Street Inc. at that time: from left, Stephen Loaiza (stepped down, August 2012), executive director Oren B. Helbok, vice-president Chris Young, Lisa Z. Leighton (stepped down, July 2015), Mary Chamuris (seated), president Mary Clapp, Victor Koons (on lower step), Otto Kurecian, treasurer Drue Magee, Sue O’Donnell (stepped down, January 2014), and Matt Beagle (stepped down, February 2015). Not in picture: Chad Andrews, Bob Brown, Kevin Drewencki, Marla Hahn, Barbara Heintz, Adrienne Mael, and Bob Stoudt. logo
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