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Cash & Carry banner small.jpg

"Cash & Carry X" has more than 530 pieces by close to 250 artists.  The artists, almost 250 of them, come from eight central-Pennsylvania counties and range from preschool children up to 70somethings.  They painted, drew, photographed, cut, glued, built, and otherwise enhanced the 1/2-inch thick MDF panels that we gave away.

The large pieces in the show -- 8-inch squares, 7-by-9-inch rectangles, and 9-inch triangles -- each sell for $30, with the artist receiving $24; the small ones, in various sizes approximating 3-1/2 inches square to 4 inches by 6 (and including the ornaments that artists made out of recycled tin and aluminum cans), will each sell for $10, with the artist receiving $8.  (Any artist wishing to donate all of the proceeds to The Exchange may certainly do so.)

Sales begin during Downtown Bloomsburg's "Coming Home For Christmas" event on Friday, December 1st.  At 10 a.m. on that day, we start handing out numbers, and at 6 p.m. the person with number 1 gets to choose ONE piece; if she wants a second piece, she must take another number and go to the back of the line.  Same with number 2, number 3, etc.

We keep it fair and fun until the rush ends, and then we open it up to as many pieces as each customer wants.  And when you pay for your piece(s), you may take it/them home -- thus the "carry" party of the show's name.  (We do take checks and cards, but we just like the way that "Cash & Carry" sounds.)

Cash & Carry panels
"Cash & Carry X" work before hanging
"Cash & Carry X" work before hanging
"Cash & Carry X" work before hanging
"Cash & Carry X" Gallery overview
The Exchange Gallery east wall, "Cash & Carry X"
The Exchange Gallery west wall, "Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X" -- Tina Martyniuk
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
Monty Long
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
Elliot Lewis
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
Cash & Carry -- Tymur Djahongirov
"Cash & Carry X" -- St. Columba School artwork
"Cash & Carry X" -- St. Columba School artwork
"Cash & Carry X" -- Amy Shepperson
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X"
"Cash & Carry X" -- Jaden Nguyen
Food for Thought door banner 2022-12-15.jpg

"Food For Thought"

    Show runs Monday, October 16th, through Friday, November 17th

    Reception 5-8 p.m. on Friday, November 3rd, alongside downtown Bloomsburg's First Friday


“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.” – Voltaire

As one of our basic life needs, food has been a popular subject matter throughout modern art and art history.  Depictions of food can be found in Italian Renaissance paintings, on Roman mosaics, and inside the Egyptian pyramids.  Food is the cornerstone of holidays, celebrations, and the Bloomsburg Fair!  Everything from fruits and vegetables to delectable desserts, elegant cuisine to greasy diner platters – we love it all, and we want to see it all!  The Exchange invited artists to submit artwork on the delicious theme of food.

As always, we accepted all media in every size up to that of our front door, and we encouraged artists of all ages and levels of experience.  We did ask them to not make art out of food unless they could GUARANTEE that it would not go bad and/or attract flies during the length of the show.

The show consists of more than 100 pieces by more than 45 artists from eight central-Pennsylvania counties plus Vienna, Austria.  About 3/4ths of the show hangs at the Exchange Gallery, with the balance at Rohrbach's Farm, 240 Southern Drive, Catawissa.


The Exchange and Rohrbach's ask artists and show-goers to donate non-perishable food items during the duration of this exhibition.  At the end of the show, we will bring your donations to the Bloomsburg Food Cupboard.

​Image by Jack Simonds

#XMarksTheArts   #FoodForThought   #YouArtWhatYouEat   #YouAreWhatYouArt

Bob McCormick -- Wonder Bread
Jenn Stem -- Spice of Life
Jenn Stem -- Ginger
Jenn Stem -- Garlic
Chet Davis -- Under the Grill
Michelle Banting -- Feeding Time
Michelle Banting -- A Seven of Blueberries
Kelly Klock -- Eating The City
Anne Cosper -- Epicurious No 1
Scott Canouse -- Untitled
Carol Busada -- It's All In The Soil
Michelle Banting -- The Art of making Asparagus
Larysa Sheremeta -- Vegetables
Susan Boudman -- Margarita
Sterp -- Doja Cat
Brian James Spies -- Eat Me
Susan Boudman -- Maker's Mark
Dauli Benner -- The Countryside View of Serenity
Chris Stametz -- Here, Kitty, Kitty
Olivia Leffler and Pamm Leffler -- Pizza and Avocado
Nancy Cleaver -- Meal Gatha
Susan Boudman -- Bloody Mary
Dominique Louissant -- Vegetables
Tony Maurer -- The Last Supper
Annie Barnhardt -- Poetry Is Food
Dominique Louissant -- Variety of Donuts
Susan Boudman -- Pina Colada
Mary Luby -- Grandma's Summer Kitchen
Elizabeth Chyko -- Almost Pie
Margie Hunsinger -- What Mondays Feel Like
Anne Cosper -- Witch's Kitchen
Kelly Klock -- Art Consumption
Kate Murphy -- Food For Thought
Amy Shepperson -- Bee-cause it matters
Kate Murphy -- Fiona Feasts
Theresa Madison -- Orange and Yellow Fruit Tureen
Sandy Y -- I Want It All
Jessica Rightnour-Miller -- Pizza Slice
Virginia Dignazio -- Personal Pan
Theresa Madison -- Blue Fruit Bowl with Lemons
Gina Dignazio -- D'ohnut
Larysa Sheremeta -- Rooster
Charlie Banting -- Autumn Veggies
Julie Varner -- Chicken Pincushions
Larysa Sheremeta -- Eggs
Julie Varner -- Candy Pouches
Frank McGady -- Pumpkins on a Wagon
Dominique Louissant -- Steak and Wine
Chet Davis -- Lobster Pot
Elizabeth Chyko -- Harvest
Kelly Klock -- Tea Thoughts
Frank McGady -- Apple on a Table
Susquehanna Women's Imaging Society, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg

The Susquehanna Women’s Imaging Society presents "Primary Colors"

    Show runs Tuesday, September 5th, through Friday, October 13th

    Reception 5-8 p.m. on Friday, October 6th, alongside downtown Bloomsburg's First Friday


“SWIS” was founded in 2001 as a floral photography group and has since evolved into a club that has explored all kinds of subjects including street photography, still life, portraiture, and everything in between.  Comprised of women from across the Susquehanna Valley whose styles range from formal/traditional to more abstract/experimental, they enjoy learning from and encouraging each other.  The club has had previous exhibitions at the former Magee Center, at Bloomsburg University, and at the Caldwell Consistory.

The show consists of 71 photographs; come and see how nine artists interpret "Primary Colors"!

Charlotte Thomas
Tracy Sudol, Heidi A Heim, Tracy Sudol
RuAnn Hummel, Heidi A Heim, Karen Boyer
Tracy Sudol, Margie Hunsinger
RuAnn Hummel (2)
Irene Fisher, Charlotte Thomas
Charlotte Thomas, Karen Boyer, Charlotte Thomas
Charlotte Thomas, Laurie Long, RuAnn Hummel
Margie Hunsinger -- To Grandma's
Margie Hunsinger, Laurie Long, Tracy Sudol
Tracy Sudol -- Neon
Irene Thomas, Tracy Sudol, Cathy Kuczynski
Tracy Sudol, Irene Fisher, Charlotte Thomas
Group photo 2
Margie Hunsinger, RuAnn Hummel, Tracy Sudol
RuAnn Hummel, Charlotte Thomas
Karen Boyer, Tracy Sudol, Cathy Kuczynski, Charlotte Thomas
Laurie Long -- Old Friends
Irene Fisher, Cathy Kuczynski, Heidi A Heim
Irene Fisher -- Dew Drop
Heidi A Heim, Karen Boyer
Group photo 1
Heidi A Heim, Charlotte Thomas
Tracy Sudol (2), Charlotte Thomas, Margie Hunsinger, Cathy Kuzcynski
Heidi A Heim, Cathy Kuczynski, Karen Boyer
Cathy Kuczynski (2), Karen Boyer
In The City Door Banner 2022-12-14.jpg

To explain his impressions of the early industrial cities of Europe, Charles Baudelaire used the term “ennui”, the feeling of being alone on a crowded place.  He saw these cities with their influx of people from the country as lonely and distant.  Is that how you think of cities today, or as bustling cities of opportunity?  Or do you see them as dangerous, or mysterious?  The Exchange Gallery invited artists to share their thoughts on the city though art, with all media welcome.  We received 49 pieces by 29 artists from seven central-Pennsylvania counties; nine of the artists had never shown here before.

The show runs Monday, July 24th through Friday, September 1st, with a reception on Downtown Bloomsburg Inc.'s August First Friday, the 4th, 5-8 p.m.

Image by Gina Dignazio

In The City Door Banner 2022-12-14
Tony Maurer -- Athena in the City
Michele Banting -- The Man In The Window
Michele Banting -- Veneto
Carol Busada -- Statues
Chet Davis -- Corner Consultants
Chet Davis -- Pedestrians
Chet Davis -- Bag Ladies
Bob McCormick -- Up
Bob McCormick -- In The Afternoon
Claude Harrington -- Chez Pierre
Dominique Louissant -- City of Paris
Dominique Louissant -- Beautiful Italy
Dominique Louissant -- Abstract City
Dominique Louissant -- Sunset City
Virginia Dignazio -- Streetwalker & Fence Sitter
Shaina Davis -- Day To Night
Ali Tafreshi -- Not so bad
Mary Rose Luby -- What's On Tap
Zac Lyons -- Center City Blues / Ria Puvvula -- City View At Sunset
Jennifer Hook and Francis Golomb -- City Lights I & II
Dominique Louissant -- Cloud City
Dominique Louissant -- Sacramento City
Evlyn E Ensing-Fast -- three drawings
Albert H Anderson -- Ocean City, New Jersey
Mary Powlus -- I See London
Robin Beck -- Edinburgh, Scotland
Robin Beck -- Edinburgh Chimneys
Dominique Louissant -- Beautiful Manhattan City
Anna Maffei -- Big Yellow Taxi
Anna Maffei -- City-Sky
Scott Canouse -- 25 Years Since An Inconvenient Truth
Robin Beck -- Sanctuary (Smokey Mary's, NYC)
Nora Reichard -- Untitled (from a rooftop on East 52nd Street)
Neil Dignazio -- New York Transitions
Gina Dignazio -- City Birds In Flight
Anya Berkheiser
Julie Varner -- City Chickens
Ron Lambert -- In City (2013)
Oren B Helbok -- Sweet Home Chicago
Seth Wilkerson -- Eighth Looking West
Mark Sassani door banner.jpg
Mark Sassani.jpg

Mark is a native of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  A lifetime interest in art became the foundation for his education that enhanced his skills, his teaching, and his career as a professional artist.  A graduate of Mount Carmel Area High School, he studied art at Mansfield University and then returned to his hometown to teach art at Mount Carmel High School.  There he guided thousands of students in exploring their artistic interests.  Through this mentoring role, he was exposed to a broad variety of media and forms of expression, becoming a more well-rounded artist himself.

In his professional career, he worked in a wide range of drawing and painting media, and he also honed his skills in art restoration.  During his years as a student, and throughout his professional career Mark has earned numerous awards for his work.  His fine-art expression consists mainly of colorful landscapes of east-central and northern-tier Pennsylvania. Play of light, color, compositional movement, balance and beauty are essential to his art.  Along with his easel work, he has completed a large number of commissioned works and art restorations for churches, private corporations, and individuals.

Find out more at

Show runs June 12th through July 21st, with a reception on Sunday, July 16th, 2-5 p.m.

In-Fill logo.jpg
Mark Sassani door banner
Mark Sassani -- gallery east wall
Mark Sassani -- Sweet Dreams
Mark Sassani -- Before the Window
Mark Sassani -- Kiandra 1
Mark Sassani -- Java Smile
Mark Sassani -- Kiandra in Red
Mark Sassani -- Kiandra WC2
Mark Sassani -- Kiandra
Mark Sassani -- Plums and Pears
Mark Sassani -- Bust, Vase & Rug
Mark Sassani -- Peaches & Pears
Mark Sassani -- Pine Creek Blackwell
Mark Sassani -- Little Falls on Stoney Forks
Mark Sassani -- Logs and Trestle
Mark Sassani -- Susquehanna at Que Isle
Mark Sassani -- Morning Fog Blackwell
Mark Sassani -- Pine Creek, Bike Trail
Mark Sassani -- prints
Mark Sassani -- MC Sunset
Mark Sassani -- Sun on Pine Creek
Mark Sassani -- Camp Road
Mark Sassani -- Old Church & Bike Trail
Mark Sassani -- Fall Barn
Mark Sassani -- Study for On the Tractor
Mark Sassani -- Corn Stalks
Mark Sassani -- Chrysanthemums
Mark Sassani -- On the Rocks
Mark Sassani -- oils on boards
Mark sassani -- Where's the Music
Mark Sassani -- Blackwell Home and Camps, First Day Blackwell
In-fill is the practice of re-dedication of land to new programming and/or development.  Many small towns and cities in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have vacant lots.  Often these lots sit unused for years.  In some instances, communities have reassigned these spaces as outdoor amenities such as pocket parks, playgrounds, community gardens, outdoor workspaces, meditation gardens, and performance venues.  These transitions breathe new life into underutilized spaces.
IN-FILL PA sought to engage residents, artists, designers, and design firms from all over to share their work to inspire engaged dialogue to address in-fill spaces in communities across Pennsylvania.

We received drawings, renderings, and photos of projects from around the world, and we displayed them at three venues: the Community Giving Foundation in Berwick; The Art Grind in Danville; and the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg (photos below).

We also engaged community members at charrettes in each town -- in Bloomsburg, outdoors on Main Street in two of the empty spaces that we encouraged participants to think about.  They shared their ideas on plan and perspective drawings that we reproduced; they used markers, colored pencils, crayons, rubber stamps, and drafting templates, and we hung their work alongside that of the professional designers.

Exhibition schedule:

The Exchange Gallery, 24 East Main Street, Bloomsburg
May 8 – June 9, 2023

Gallery reception, Friday, May 12th

Community charrette downtown, Saturday, May 13th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Art Grind, 339 Mill Street, Danville
May 11 – June 3, 2023

Reception and community charrette, Friday, June 3rd, 6-8 p.m.

Community Giving Foundation, 725 West Front St., Berwick

May 4 – June 8, 2023

Reception and community charrette, Thursday, May 4th, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

WE HAVE PUT TOGETHER A PRESENTATION ON THIS PROJECT THAT WE HOPE INSPIRES OTHER COMMUNITIES TO HOLD SIMILAR CHARRETTES AND EXHIBITIONS; FIND THE COMPLETE PDF HERE.  On Monday, October 30th, Cindi Hron, who conceived IN-FILL-PA, and Oren B. Helbok, The Exchange's executive director, presented about the project for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts' "Lunch & Learn" series; you can watch the video of that Zoom here.  And of course if you have any questions about what we did, and/or why, we welcome you to get in touch.

IN-FILL PA received significant grant support from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts through the Creative Catalyst program and from the Community Giving Foundation.

PCA-logo-tag-horiz-color CREATIVE CATALYST.jpg
Community Giving Foundation.png
In-Fill PA Exchange Gallery east wall
In-Fill PA Exchange Gallery west wall
In-Fill PA Exchange Gallery charrette table
Bloomsburg community contributor
In-Fill PA Mount Carmel Area Public Library
In-Fill PA Downtown Lapeer Michigan
In-Fill PA Salt Design
In-Fill PA Xiaofan Wu & Le Xu
In-Fill PA Ken Smith
In-Fill PA Anya Berkheiser
In-Fill PA Hong Phuc Pham
In-Fill PA Nippaysage & Ken Smith
In-Fill PA Cindi Hron
In-Fill PA Woodland Design 2
In-Fill PA Anna Kell & Jon Frey
In-Fill PA Woodland Design 1
In-Fill PA Yimeng Teng 2
In-Fill PA Yimeng Teng 1
In-Fill PA Asheville & Bloomsburg
In-Fill PA community contributions
Bloomsburg charrette 1
Bloomsburg charrette 2
Bloomsburg charrette 3
Community Giving Foundation 1
Community Giving Foundation 2
Community Giving Foundation 3
Community Giving Foundation 4
Berwick charrette
The Art Grind 1
The Art Grind 2
The Art Grind 3
Danville charrette

"Going Green"

Going Green exhibition, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg PA

Green is the color of new beginnings, Springtime, and Earth Day.  We associate it with luck, prosperity, and hope.  We also associate it with greed, jealousy, and illness.  Additionally, green can mean eco-friendly or energy efficient.  The Exchange invited artists to submit work featuring the color and/or the concept of “green” -- all artists of all ages and levels of experience encouraged and all media accepted, 2D and 3D, with only one rule: The art had to fit through the front door.

More than 40 artists from seven central-Pennsylvania counties responded, bringing in almost 90 pieces; media range from painting and photography to pit-fired ceramics and mixed media including mouse skeletons.  We'll have photos of all of the work here soon.

The show runs Monday, April 3rd, through Friday, May 5th

Image above by Neil Dignazio

Going Green banner small
Heather Bieber
Deb Stabley
Tina Martyniuk
Lauren Burkhart
Bob McCormick
Scott Canouse, Rick Musselman
Neil Dignazio, Brian Smith, Michael Williams
Marie Dhaiti 2
Marie Dhaiti 1
Tony Maurer, Frank McGady
Mary Powlus
April Nyblade 2
April Nyblade 1
Dauli Benner
Sherry Lee Gray
Shaela McCrone, Kate Murphy, Elizabeth Chyko
Julie Varner
Oren B Helbok
Amelia Ridings, Gabe Ridings, Julie Ridings
James Gross
Amy Felegie
Tara McNeish
Chet Davis
Michele Banting
Charlie Rawa, Anya Berkheiser, Larysa Sheremeta
Cheyenne Terry, Alison Terry
Alison Terry
Christine Stametz
Carol Busada
BJ Canouse
Annie Barnhardt, Chris Stametz, Gina Dignazio, Shaina Davis
Virginia Dignazio

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership photo contest winners

Every year, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership holds a photo contest -- "Show us your Susquehanna!" -- celebrating the river towns and other treasured scenes along the North Branch, West Branch, and main stem of Pennsylvania's longest river.  The 26 images winning images form the 10th and 11th contests depict the many aspects of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania in all seasons, up close and from afar; categories in the 10th contest, which took in work from April to June of 2021, and the 11th contest, which took in work from April to June of 2022, included Landscapes, River Towns, Susquehanna Adventures, and Wildlife.

For information about entering the 12th annual contest, with a deadline of June 30th, click here.

The Gallery exhibition runs March 6th through 31st.

10th & 11th annual contest winners
Gallery west wall
Gallery east wall
People's choice: Ed Boardman
1st Wildlife: Scott Canouse
2nd Wildlife: Scott Canouse
3rd Wildlife: James Cole
1st Landscape: Tony Ragusea
2nd Landscape: David Walsh
3rd Landscape: Rita Kurtz
1st Towns: John Reitzel
2nd Towns: Michael Yatsko
3rd Towns: William Anderson
1st Adventures: Nick Zell
2nd Adventures: John Reitzel
3rd Adventures: Matthew Krupp
People's Choice: Sherri Hendricks
1st Wildlife: Wes Peterson
2nd Wildlife: Matt Giambra
3rd Wildlife: Andrew Hayter
1st Landscapes: Jim Castanzo
2nd Landscapes: Jen Guisewite
3rd Landscapes: Dave Nolte
1st Towns: Jennifer Thomson
2nd Towns: Brian Anderson
3rd Towns: Kari Hultman
1st Adventures: Melissa Gray
2nd Adventures: Kathy Robinson
3rd Adventures: Shannon Lake

"Six Characters in Search of an Artist"

Six Characters in Search of an Artist, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg PA

What if the subject of the art told the artist what to create?

Where's the line between artist and art?  Or is there a line?

What's "real" and what's "illusion"?

The Exchange invited artists to create and submit artwork exploring these questions.  We received 50 pieces by 27 artists from seven central-Pennsylvania counties.

The exhibit theme is inspired by the play “Six Characters In Search Of An Author” by Luigi Pirandello, appearing in a new adaptation in a co-production by the Bloomsburg University Players and the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble at the Alvina Krause Theatre, 221 Center Street in Bloomsburg, opening Thursday, February 23rd, and running through Sunday, March 12.  For more information, visit

Image above by the play's director, Bloomsburg University Theater professor (and Exchange board member) David A. Miller.

The Gallery exhibition runs February 6th through March 3rd.


Six Characters west wall
Six Characters east wall
Deb Stabley -- Discarded Materials in Search of an Artist
Deb Stabley
Deb Stabley
BJ Canouse -- House Imps at Play
Rosimaire Moreira
Rosimaire Moreira -- Desperate Faces
Rosimaire Moreira -- The Garden and Liberation
Rosimaire Moreira -- The Search is Over and Two Hearts Apart
Chris Stametz
Chris Stametz -- Unfinished Piece
Chris Stametz -- Abstract unnamed
Chris Stametz -- Scribbled Flowers
Tina Martyniuk -- Six Characters
Dia Nevius -- Creation: The Light of Life
Anthony Maurer -- The Bloomsburg Six
CL McBeth-Collins -- Rewrite in Three Acts
Knight Family -- Six Family Members Making Art Together
Knight Family
Knight Family
Knight Family
Suzann Whiting -- What Clouds Bring
Dana DiCamillo -- Sense You Are Here and Paint This Blue
Johanna Gelbs -- Right Here Right Now
Lydia Hannibal -- Pondering Author, Who's Story, and Domino Affect
Shaina Davis -- Movie Star and Moon Goddess
Matt Hamilton -- Through the Pages They Live
Olivia Spory -- Stars
Oren B. Helbok -- Six Artist Characters
Shaela McCrone -- Six Markers in Search of an Artist
Chet Davis
Chet Davis -- Don't Want To Be Your Dog
Chet Davis -- Everything Under the Sun
Chet Davis -- Quick Prayer
Chet Davis -- Black Hole Sun
Brian James Spies -- The Ballad of Miss Dusty Lee Rose
David A Miller
David A. Miller -- Clan McDangus IV, V, and VI
David A Miller -- Six Characters in Search of an Artist(ic Rumble) I and II
David A Miller -- Changus McDangus and His Colorful Characters
Ron Lambert -- Marker
Ron Lambert -- Marker (detail)
Dreams Door Banner 2022-12-14.jpg

The visual arts make a wonderful medium for capturing the memories of dreams, which we often find elusive and hard to describe.  Several art movements have used dreams as a source of inspiration, including Symbolism, Romanticism, Surrealism, and some styles of Contemporary Art.  The Exchange asked for artwork on the subject of dreams -- daydreams, aspirational dreams, nightmares, or other visions -- with all media accepted, and as always from ALL artists of all ages and levels of experience.  We received 93 pieces by 50 artists from eight central-Pennsylvania counties.

In association with the show, we will host another of our Storytelling events at the Gallery, on Tuesday, January 31st; please get in touch if you would like to tell one!

Image above by Jack Simonds.

The show runs January 9th through February 3rd.

For our earlier exhibits, click on each year:

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Karen Rose 1
Karen Rose 2
Dawn Moore
Chet Davis
Chris Mathias
Brian James Spies
Rosimaire Moreira 1
Rosimaire Moreira 2
Rosimaire Moreira 3
Lissette Knight
BJ Canouse
Oren B Helbok
Virginia Shahovskoy
Nathaniel Hicks
Phoenix Douty and Cailynn Blannard
Landon Fausey, Jayden Royer, and Samuel Snyder
Lilee Dorman and Lauryn Whiting
Shakira Moyer and Natalie Osborne
Kelly Klock 1
Kelly Klock 2
Dauli Benner
Frankie Fauber
Brian Smith
Alison Terry
Cheyenne Terry
Virginia Dignazio
Bill Klaus
William Loder
Tina Martyniuk
Margie Hunsinger
Tara McNeish
Scott Canouse 2
Scott Canouse 1
Leon Kass
Chad Andrews
Claudia Wilshusen
Anne Cosper
Steven Concert and Michael DeMarco
Diana Lynn Barlow
Steve Martz
Kate Murphy
Mary Powlus
A nnie Barnhardt
Shaina Davis
Michael Williams
Carly Moore
Carol Busada
Chris Stametz and Laurie McCants
Chris Stametz
Laurie McCants
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