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The visual arts make a wonderful medium for capturing the memories of dreams, which we often find elusive and hard to describe.  Several art movements have used dreams as a source of inspiration, including Symbolism, Romanticism, Surrealism, and some styles of Contemporary Art.  The Exchange asked for artwork on the subject of dreams -- daydreams, aspirational dreams, nightmares, or other visions -- with all media accepted, and as always from ALL artists of all ages and levels of experience.  We received 93 pieces by 50 artists from eight central-Pennsylvania counties.

In association with the show, we will host another of our Storytelling events at the Gallery, on Tuesday, January 31st; please get in touch if you would like to tell one!

Image above by Jack Simonds.

The show runs January 9th through February 3rd.

For our earlier exhibits, click on each year:

2016 and 2017   2018   2019   2020    2021   2022

Karen Rose 1
Karen Rose 2
Dawn Moore
Chet Davis
Chris Mathias
Brian James Spies
Rosimaire Moreira 1
Rosimaire Moreira 2
Rosimaire Moreira 3
Lissette Knight
BJ Canouse
Oren B Helbok
Virginia Shahovskoy
Nathaniel Hicks
Phoenix Douty and Cailynn Blannard
Landon Fausey, Jayden Royer, and Samuel Snyder
Lilee Dorman and Lauryn Whiting
Shakira Moyer and Natalie Osborne
Kelly Klock 1
Kelly Klock 2
Dauli Benner
Frankie Fauber
Brian Smith
Alison Terry
Cheyenne Terry
Virginia Dignazio
Bill Klaus
William Loder
Tina Martyniuk
Margie Hunsinger
Tara McNeish
Scott Canouse 2
Scott Canouse 1
Leon Kass
Chad Andrews
Claudia Wilshusen
Anne Cosper
Steven Concert and Michael DeMarco
Diana Lynn Barlow
Steve Martz
Kate Murphy
Mary Powlus
A nnie Barnhardt
Shaina Davis
Michael Williams
Carly Moore
Carol Busada
Chris Stametz and Laurie McCants
Chris Stametz
Laurie McCants
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