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"Going Green"

Going Green exhibition, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg PA

Green is the color of new beginnings, Springtime, and Earth Day.  We associate it with luck, prosperity, and hope.  We also associate it with greed, jealousy, and illness.  Additionally, green can mean eco-friendly or energy efficient.  The Exchange invited artists to submit work featuring the color and/or the concept of “green” -- all artists of all ages and levels of experience encouraged and all media accepted, 2D and 3D, with only one rule: The art had to fit through the front door.

More than 40 artists from seven central-Pennsylvania counties responded, bringing in almost 90 pieces; media range from painting and photography to pit-fired ceramics and mixed media including mouse skeletons.  We'll have photos of all of the work here soon.

The show runs Monday, April 3rd, through Friday, May 5th

Image above by Neil Dignazio

Going Green banner small
Heather Bieber
Deb Stabley
Tina Martyniuk
Lauren Burkhart
Bob McCormick
Scott Canouse, Rick Musselman
Neil Dignazio, Brian Smith, Michael Williams
Marie Dhaiti 2
Marie Dhaiti 1
Tony Maurer, Frank McGady
Mary Powlus
April Nyblade 2
April Nyblade 1
Dauli Benner
Sherry Lee Gray
Shaela McCrone, Kate Murphy, Elizabeth Chyko
Julie Varner
Oren B Helbok
Amelia Ridings, Gabe Ridings, Julie Ridings
James Gross
Amy Felegie
Tara McNeish
Chet Davis
Michele Banting
Charlie Rawa, Anya Berkheiser, Larysa Sheremeta
Cheyenne Terry, Alison Terry
Alison Terry
Christine Stametz
Carol Busada
BJ Canouse
Annie Barnhardt, Chris Stametz, Gina Dignazio, Shaina Davis
Virginia Dignazio

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership photo contest winners

Every year, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership holds a photo contest -- "Show us your Susquehanna!" -- celebrating the river towns and other treasured scenes along the North Branch, West Branch, and main stem of Pennsylvania's longest river.  The 26 images winning images form the 10th and 11th contests depict the many aspects of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania in all seasons, up close and from afar; categories in the 10th contest, which took in work from April to June of 2021, and the 11th contest, which took in work from April to June of 2022, included Landscapes, River Towns, Susquehanna Adventures, and Wildlife.

For information about entering the 12th annual contest, with a deadline of June 30th, click here.

The Gallery exhibition runs March 6th through 31st.

10th & 11th annual contest winners
Gallery west wall
Gallery east wall
People's choice: Ed Boardman
1st Wildlife: Scott Canouse
2nd Wildlife: Scott Canouse
3rd Wildlife: James Cole
1st Landscape: Tony Ragusea
2nd Landscape: David Walsh
3rd Landscape: Rita Kurtz
1st Towns: John Reitzel
2nd Towns: Michael Yatsko
3rd Towns: William Anderson
1st Adventures: Nick Zell
2nd Adventures: John Reitzel
3rd Adventures: Matthew Krupp
People's Choice: Sherri Hendricks
1st Wildlife: Wes Peterson
2nd Wildlife: Matt Giambra
3rd Wildlife: Andrew Hayter
1st Landscapes: Jim Castanzo
2nd Landscapes: Jen Guisewite
3rd Landscapes: Dave Nolte
1st Towns: Jennifer Thomson
2nd Towns: Brian Anderson
3rd Towns: Kari Hultman
1st Adventures: Melissa Gray
2nd Adventures: Kathy Robinson
3rd Adventures: Shannon Lake

"Six Characters in Search of an Artist"

Six Characters in Search of an Artist, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg PA

What if the subject of the art told the artist what to create?

Where's the line between artist and art?  Or is there a line?

What's "real" and what's "illusion"?

The Exchange invited artists to create and submit artwork exploring these questions.  We received 50 pieces by 27 artists from seven central-Pennsylvania counties.

The exhibit theme is inspired by the play “Six Characters In Search Of An Author” by Luigi Pirandello, appearing in a new adaptation in a co-production by the Bloomsburg University Players and the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble at the Alvina Krause Theatre, 221 Center Street in Bloomsburg, opening Thursday, February 23rd, and running through Sunday, March 12.  For more information, visit

Image above by the play's director, Bloomsburg University Theater professor (and Exchange board member) David A. Miller.

The Gallery exhibition runs February 6th through March 3rd.


Six Characters west wall
Six Characters east wall
Deb Stabley -- Discarded Materials in Search of an Artist
Deb Stabley
Deb Stabley
BJ Canouse -- House Imps at Play
Rosimaire Moreira
Rosimaire Moreira -- Desperate Faces
Rosimaire Moreira -- The Garden and Liberation
Rosimaire Moreira -- The Search is Over and Two Hearts Apart
Chris Stametz
Chris Stametz -- Unfinished Piece
Chris Stametz -- Abstract unnamed
Chris Stametz -- Scribbled Flowers
Tina Martyniuk -- Six Characters
Dia Nevius -- Creation: The Light of Life
Anthony Maurer -- The Bloomsburg Six
CL McBeth-Collins -- Rewrite in Three Acts
Knight Family -- Six Family Members Making Art Together
Knight Family
Knight Family
Knight Family
Suzann Whiting -- What Clouds Bring
Dana DiCamillo -- Sense You Are Here and Paint This Blue
Johanna Gelbs -- Right Here Right Now
Lydia Hannibal -- Pondering Author, Who's Story, and Domino Affect
Shaina Davis -- Movie Star and Moon Goddess
Matt Hamilton -- Through the Pages They Live
Olivia Spory -- Stars
Oren B. Helbok -- Six Artist Characters
Shaela McCrone -- Six Markers in Search of an Artist
Chet Davis
Chet Davis -- Don't Want To Be Your Dog
Chet Davis -- Everything Under the Sun
Chet Davis -- Quick Prayer
Chet Davis -- Black Hole Sun
Brian James Spies -- The Ballad of Miss Dusty Lee Rose
David A Miller
David A. Miller -- Clan McDangus IV, V, and VI
David A Miller -- Six Characters in Search of an Artist(ic Rumble) I and II
David A Miller -- Changus McDangus and His Colorful Characters
Ron Lambert -- Marker
Ron Lambert -- Marker (detail)
Dreams Door Banner 2022-12-14.jpg

The visual arts make a wonderful medium for capturing the memories of dreams, which we often find elusive and hard to describe.  Several art movements have used dreams as a source of inspiration, including Symbolism, Romanticism, Surrealism, and some styles of Contemporary Art.  The Exchange asked for artwork on the subject of dreams -- daydreams, aspirational dreams, nightmares, or other visions -- with all media accepted, and as always from ALL artists of all ages and levels of experience.  We received 93 pieces by 50 artists from eight central-Pennsylvania counties.

In association with the show, we will host another of our Storytelling events at the Gallery, on Tuesday, January 31st; please get in touch if you would like to tell one!

Image above by Jack Simonds.

The show runs January 9th through February 3rd.

For our earlier exhibits, click on each year:

2016 and 2017   2018   2019   2020    2021   2022

Karen Rose 1
Karen Rose 2
Dawn Moore
Chet Davis
Chris Mathias
Brian James Spies
Rosimaire Moreira 1
Rosimaire Moreira 2
Rosimaire Moreira 3
Lissette Knight
BJ Canouse
Oren B Helbok
Virginia Shahovskoy
Nathaniel Hicks
Phoenix Douty and Cailynn Blannard
Landon Fausey, Jayden Royer, and Samuel Snyder
Lilee Dorman and Lauryn Whiting
Shakira Moyer and Natalie Osborne
Kelly Klock 1
Kelly Klock 2
Dauli Benner
Frankie Fauber
Brian Smith
Alison Terry
Cheyenne Terry
Virginia Dignazio
Bill Klaus
William Loder
Tina Martyniuk
Margie Hunsinger
Tara McNeish
Scott Canouse 2
Scott Canouse 1
Leon Kass
Chad Andrews
Claudia Wilshusen
Anne Cosper
Steven Concert and Michael DeMarco
Diana Lynn Barlow
Steve Martz
Kate Murphy
Mary Powlus
A nnie Barnhardt
Shaina Davis
Michael Williams
Carly Moore
Carol Busada
Chris Stametz and Laurie McCants
Chris Stametz
Laurie McCants
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